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The Hunger Games Movie Review

I did it – I watched the movie at midnight and now here’s The Hunger Games movie review!! After very little sleep and an IV of coffee, I’m excited to say that the movie. was. AWESOME!!

If you want to watch the movie with few expectations or details (which is how I prefer to go into things), wait to read my Hunger Games movie review till after you see it! Now….GO!

the hunger games movie review

The Hunger Games Movie Review

Things I was Most Looking Forward to in The Hunger Games Movie:

  • Katniss’ and Prim’s relationship – I hope the movie really captures how much Katniss loves her sister
  • The awkward awesomeness of Haymitch – I love his craziness that’s hilarious at times
  • The full on intensity of the games (especially when Katniss is being tested by the judges beforehand)
  • The gaudy, overly dressed crazies in the Capitol
  • Katniss’ awesome fire dress
  • Seeing Jennifer Lawrence in action – please be awesome!
  • Also – I hope I don’t totally hate Peeta, cuz it’s not looking good so far…

How The Hunger Games Movie Matched Up:

  • First of all, Prim made me cry like crazy – she was such an sweet character. Maybe it was the venti Starbucks talking, but I thought she was a great actor to be able to bring up so much emotion like that!
  • Haymitch’s character was WAY nicer and more helpful than in the books. I practically hated Haymitch in the novels. It reminded me of Snape in the Harry Potter books/movies.
  • I absolutely loved Caesar’s character – he was perfect.
  • Katniss’ fire dress was underwhelming to me…Cinna, wth!?
  • Maybe it was because President Snow was the dad from Pride and Prejudice, but I didn’t think he was all that scary or mean. He kinda seemed nice and fatherly.
  • Agh, rue!!!
  • The games were really well portrayed- there were definetely some gruesome moments but it wasn’t as bad as they could have made it.
  • I wish the capitol people had been more crazy, with their different skin colors and crazy facial tattoos.
  • Peeta wasn’t too bad, but def not stellar
  • They were true to Gale not being in the movie too much, which I thought they were going to do like crazy.


I really loved this movie! To be honest, I haven’t read the book in awhile (my full on re-read never happened), BUT I think the movie did a fairly good job of keeping things in order. They may have left out or deleted a few scenes, but none of they were a huge part of the book. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Standout characters were Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence did her THING!), Effie (freaking hilarious. “Manners!”), Rue and Prim.

The intensity of the movie is really high, and I thought they did a fantastic job representing how lethal these kids are. The forced Peeta/Katniss romance…hmmm, the jury’s still out for me on that one.

I CANNOT wait to see this again in the light of day, and I wish all of you a Happy Hunger Games! Enjoy!!

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  • I agree with your review! I think the forced relationship was supposed to feel that way..because on one end it was a bit forced(while not completely). I liked Peeta more than I thought I would but(without having read the last two books yet) loved Gale a bit more. Especially the scenes where they flashed to him.

  • Bookishlilly

    I cannot wait to see this and I mat not be able to until next week. It’s killing me to wait so long!
    Truly Bookish

  • Kelli

    Great review! I agree with all of that. I liked Peeta way more than I thought, especially during his scene where he joked with Flickerman. That was straight Peeta from the book. But he’s still not at awesome as I anticipated. Hopefully he’ll only become more charming in the next 2.

  • Ems

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to see this. If I do, it’ll definitely be a matinee and NOT anything after dark. I’m prone to nightmares, so…

    How was Lenny as Cinna? That was the one I was the most excited about because he was my favorite character & I love Lenny.

  • I actually really liked Josh Hutcherson. I thought he was fantastic as Peeta. And, I thought the on-screen chemistry between Jennifer and him (and Liam) was perfect. I actually have no complaints about it. I loved her dress too. I think if they would’ve made it more flamey, it would’ve been cheesy. I loved the movie! It’s the first movie adapted from a book that I am in absolute awe over.

  • Jan

    I’ll be watching this movie this coming weekend. I read the book last year so i forgot some stuff like the names of the other tributes.May expectations arent high, I dont expect to be blown away, but I’m keeping an open mind. I heard they toned down on the violence to get the PG-13 rating. Maybe thats why Haymitch movie version is much nicer.

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  • Oh the kid and I want to go see it this weekend. 😀 Thank you!

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