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The Maze Runner Movie Review

As suspected, The Maze Runner movie was action-packed and full of fun. I really enjoyed it!

The Maze Runner Movie Review

the mazer runner movie review book adaption

As a Book Adaption

The Maze Runner movie was pretty true to the book. Surprisingly so, actually. I definitely think it’s one of the best adaptions out in theaters this year.

There were a few details missing – ones my best friend Kelli (who saw the movie with me) thought were important. It didn’t bother me as much, but I did predict that I’d like the movie better than the book.

And that was absolutely true.

The best part of The Maze Runner movie was by far the characters. This movie NAILED casting the right people for the roles. Dylan O’Brien as Thomas was great – the perfect mix of innocent curiosity and building confusion and suspicion.

Plus, CHUCK!!! Oh my gosh, you guys. They could not have cast a more adorable, lovable kid. I wanted to squeeze his little face off.

The, there’s Alby and Newt and Minho. PERFECT all around. Meh to Theresa, but whatever. She had a smallish role anyway.

Also, the Grievers were pretty good. I wished they had been a bit more squishy (per the book’s description), but they were appropriately terrifying.

I think the storyline was sped up a bunch in order to keep viewers’ attention, but I didn’t notice any HUGE things missing.

The one problem I did have – that Kelli pointed out – was how they escape. In the book, Thomas makes a huge discovery that is 1. not obvious and 2. super risky.

In the movie though, they changed the appearance and method of escape a bit, but by doing so it makes the Gladers seem stupid and unobservant. It was an weird change that didn’t add anything to the story and caused a few inconsistencies.

Other than that, I think The Maze Runner movie did the book a true justice. As someone who wasn’t totally enthralled with the book, I’m happy to continue the series by watching the movies instead.

As a Movie

Finally! A YA book to movie adaption that ANYONE can enjoy. You can go into this movie totally blind (i.e. not knowing anything about the book), and come away intrigued and satisfied.

It was definitely heart-pounding (Thomas almost gets crushed by the maze a million times) and has enough twists to keep things moving.

My only suggestion would have been to actually include some of the budding romance between Thomas and Theresa. In the book, it was super subtle, but it was still there. In the movie, it’s totally taken out.

I think more girls would be interested in the movie if there was just the slightest addition of romance. Oh well…


I really enjoyed The Maze Runner movie. It had all of the action and mystery of the book, plus some awesome CG to make everything really come to life. In a year of sucky YA book to movie adaptions, The Maze Runner has risen above the rest.

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