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The Perfect Song For Every Dystopian Book Ever

I’ve recently become obsessed with the band Imagine Dragons. They sing “It’s Time” from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. They have a raw edge to them that I really love, and they sing about things I care about.

So, it fits that one of their songs off their new album, Night Visions, would have a PERFECT song for basically every dystopian book ever. Check it out.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive


What songs seem to incapsulate your favorite book or genre?

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  • Love the industrial feel to the song. VERY dystopian!

  • This could be used as a soundtrack for the game Dishonored – a steampunk dystopia.

    As for what songs I think fit a genre, fantasy and symphonic metal are perfect for one another, and many symphonic metal songs are based on fantasy novels.


  • Miranda Smith

    I don’t know… Because Human by Christina Perri seems to fit my Dystopian Novel perfectly!