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The Unexpected

I have a lot to be thankful for lately.

I had an amazing day  at SeaWorld with my best friend last week. It was a relaxing, inexpensive day (my bestie works there and got us free tickets!). We even got to feed the dolphins–which was scary and cool at the same time. Random fact: their necks are actually really squishy.


We went on the new coaster Manta. And, while it was fun, it was also terrifying. They best part of the day was just being distracted–laughing and joking with my friend while getting a personalized tour of the park.

Another amazing blessing has been my fiancé. He is so sweet and kind to me, especially when I obsess over potential job prospects. What should I say at this interview? How will I handle this if that happens? What should I write in this email?

How he stays sane in the face of all of this is beyond me, yet, he’s patient and loving through it all. He’s had some extra opportunities to practice these traits lately, because things are finally looking up for me!

I’m still waiting to hear back from a job, but I am seeing the hand of God working in my life. I’m not alone–it’s just really hard to remember that sometimes.

During this waiting period, my part-time bookstore job is truly coming in handy. In order to distract myself even further and prevent myself from driving myself crazy, I’ve read even more amazing novels.

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are a part of a teen fiction series. I know, I know, again with the teen fiction, but it’s truly entertaining. I even think entertaining is too weak of a word. Enthralling, maybe. Or maybe startlingly intense.

The novels are set in a post-apocalyptic America where there are only 12 districts that have survived nuclear war. Katniss lives in distrcit 12–a poverty-stricken coal mining town. Her family is struggling to survive and just praying that no one from their family is chosen to enter the Hunger Games. The games were invented to remind the districts to never again rebel against the capital, a neo-Hollywood multiplied by 1000.

The games take two randomly-chosen children from every district and offer them up to the games to fight to the death. Only one child can survive.  When Katniss’ sister is chosen for the game, Katniss offers to take her place in an act of true love and bravery.

Although this story seemed a little intense for my taste–I’m not really into post-apocalyptic stories–it was extremely well written. The story was so interesting and unique.

It had a great blend of action, political-intrigue, and romance. Katniss seems like a fairly simple character, but she truly grows throughout both novels–becoming a quasi-emotionless character to a truly deep, complex girl.

Just like the book I mentioned in the last post, these novels don’t really seem very “teen-fiction-y” to me, so even people in their 20’s can enjoy these books. If you can take the intensity of the plot and the cut-throat action and violence, then this will become your new favorite series.

These books made me feel like my life wasn’t looking too bad. America is still intact, and I don’t have to win a sick killing game to survive day-to-day.

Unless you consider that game to be the whole job search process. 😉

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  • Kelli

    I had no idea you even wrote about SeaWorld in here! Yay for feeding dolphins with 98 conical shaped teeth that close like a zipper! And coming out unscathed 🙂