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Throne of Glass Blog Tour: Interview with Sarah J. Maas

Today I’m over the moon excited to have Sarah J. Maas on the blog. I absolutely adored her August release, Throne of Glass, which made my top books of 2012 list.

We talked about Pinterest, fear of heights and talking smack.

Interview with Sarah J. Maas

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Q. What got you interested in writing fantasy in the first place?

A.Hmmm. Tough question. My parents read me fairy-tales and folklore from a very early age—and I think my childhood obsession with them later translated into me seeking out fantasy novels. I became obsessed with reading fantasy novels (both adult and YA),
and all of my ideas had always been set in other worlds. So I never really sat down and
said: “I want to write fantasy.” I just…wanted to write these all these ideas down (which happened to be categorized as fantasy).

Q. Do you personally read a lot of fantasy books? Which book or series is your all-time favorite?

A.Oh, yes. I’d say I read mostly fantasy (very rarely will I read anything contemporary or historical). I have so many favorite series, but off the top of my head, I’d say Lloyd Alexander’s CHRONCILES OF PRYDAIN, Anne Bishop’s BLACK JEWELS trilogy, Megan Whalen Turner’s THE QUEEN’S THIEF series, Garth Nix’s ABHORSEN trilogy, Sharon Shinn’s SAMARIA series, Melina Marchetta’s LUMATERE CHRONICLES, and anything by Patricia A. McKillip.

Q. Do you share Celaena’s fear of heights and/or the glass palace?

A.Haha, well, I certainly don’t have a terror of the glass palace (since it doesn’t exist…except in my head), but I’m a little freaked out by heights. I’m actually more terrified of caves/tunnels…My greatest (and most irrational) fear is swimming in an underwater cave and getting stuck. I honestly don’t even know HOW I became utterly petrified of that, but I actually CAN’T watch any kind of documentary/movie/tv show where they have to swim through an underwater cave (or ship, or anything like that).

Q. If you had to enter in the thieves competition, which feat of strength would you perform the best in?

A.Talking smack, maybe? Hehe. Seriously, I think I’d fail at every Test they face (especially the running). I’d have been sent back to the salt mines after one day. 😉

Q. What has surprised you the most about the process of writing a novel and having it published?

A.How many times you READ the darn thing before it’s put on a shelf! Between revisions, copyedits, first pass pages, etc., you wind up reading your book countless times before it finally gets published.

Q. I love your Throne of Glass Pinterest board! How do you think social media is changing the way readers interact with books and authors?

A.Oh, I love Pinterest, because it embodies so much of why social media is such a spectacular and game-changing thing for authors. Back when I was growing up, authors were these distant, god-like figures that (if you were lucky) sometimes replied to your letters. With social media, we’re getting a chance to interact with our favorite authors like never before—get unprecedented insight into their creation and publication process. With a site like Pinterest, not only can my readers interact with me, but they can also literally SEE what inspires me—and SEE the world of Throne of Glass (which is about the only way they’ll ever do so outside of a film adaptation). It’s been such tremendous fun to share those images with readers—and to also see what images remind THEM of Throne of Glass. The interaction and ability to connect with each other is mind-blowingly

Q. If readers could take away one thing from Throne of Glass, what should it be and why?

A.You don’t need a prince to save you. <3

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  • Ems

    Great interview. I loved Throne of Glass (one of my favorite books of the year!), so it’s awesome to get to learn a little more about Sarah.