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Top 10 Bookish Habits I Need to Quit

Confession time: here are my bad bookish habits and how I plan to do nothing reform.

Top 10 Bookish Habits I Need to Quit

top ten bad bookish habits i need to quite

1. Putting pressure on myself to finish my reading goal– I’m dealing with this RIGHT NOW. Every time I log into Goodreads to see “2 books behind schedule,” I want to slam down my laptop. READING RAGE. Don’t you judge me, Goodreads!!

2. Not DNF’ing sooner– This forever and ever is true. There’s just too much reader guilt.

3. Not investing in buying physical book series– Book series that I have in both digital and physical form are the bane of my existence. I don’t want to double-purchase a book, but only half a series sitting on my shelf annoys me.

4. Letting one bad review stop me from reading– When this happens, I’m crushed. That one negative review (usually from someone whose opinion I trust) has me rethinking everything.

5. Holding on to old ARCs– I have kept some of my first ARCs as kind of a nostalgia/fond memories type of thing, but the truth is I have limited shelf space and those books are dead weight.

6. Forgetting about sequels– I give myself a pass on this one. We wait YEARS and YEARS for sequels, and my interest wanes even if I loved the first book.

7. Only reading the newest releases– This is kind part of my job now, but it’s still important to me to read books that I’ve been meaning to read forever.

8. Ignoring my moods for reading– Oh how I’ve paid for this one. I’m a slave to my reading moods. If I try to read a book I’m not feeling, I will just end up hating it regardless. I always make a note of that in my reviews, but usually I don’t let it get that far.

9. Leaving books in every room– I’m a pretty organized person, but I can’t help myself with this one! Have book, will travel…in my own home!

10. Not updating my Reviews page for a year and a half– Let’s pretend you never saw this one…

What bad bookish habits are you trying to kick?

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  • Emily Peterson

    All of these are so hard. I need to actually make myself make time to read. 1 and 3 hit me the hardest, though!

  • Oh, I feel ya! I had to break myself of the habit of buying the entire series before reading 1 (or after reading book 1). It was a horrible waste of money. While I didn’t fall behind in the story, I felt tremendous pressure to enjoy the entire series because I’d spent money on it. So…you know…you’re being smart by doing it the way you’re doing it now. 🙂

  • Young Adult Spirit

    I do this too! I really need to know when to fold ’em


  • Amanda

    I’m really bad with the yearly goal. I’ve read at least 100 books every year since I started the Goodreads challenge in 2011 and I’m so proud of it, but I do end up sometimes finishing books I hate or choosing “easy reads” instead of the books I’d probably like a lot more just to hit the goal. And I agree–seeing that I’m “behind” on Goodreads is like a stab to my heart! On the other hand, earlier this year I was 7 books ahead and that felt awesome.

  • Dancing Books

    I have a problem with DNF-ing a book, I always need to finish it even if it really bad. Then I get annoyed with myself, because I could have spent all that time reading some other book.

  • Yes, these are all very relatable problems haha! Goodreads thinks I am 4 books “behind schedule” right now and it is giving me hives.