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Top 10 Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

Although today is the ultimate day to give thanks, I’m constantly reminded of all the reasons I have to be grateful for the incredible blessings in my life – especially the bookish ones!

Top 10 Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

top ten books and bookish things i'm thankful for 2015


1. Wonder– For opening my eyes and heart to a story that desperately needed to be told.

2. Illuminae– I was so on the fence about this book, and then it did this incredible thing: surprised me with its awesomeness.

3. First & Then– As my favorite contemporary of the year, this book moved me in a sweet and gentle way. It’s incredibly special.

4. The Girl at Midnight– For getting me all excited about urban fantasy again!

5. Six of Crows– Leigh Bardugo made my YEAR by writing another unforgettable fantasy and characters I so badly wish were real.

Other Bookish Things

6. My Book Club– Even though I’m intermittently MIA, I love knowing there are a group of amazing ladies there to chat about books. They are my faves, and I adore them!!

7. New bookish friends– I’ve made some new friends who are also avid readers, and they don’t mind when I text them at odd hours of the day and night with random thoughts about what I’m reading (Stephanie & Steph, I’m looking at you!!)

8. Harry Potter Land– I.e. Universal Orlando. This probably sounds dumb, but I know I’m pretty lucky to live 45 minutes away from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have a pass, and it’s one of my favorite things ever to go with my bestie and just casually drink a butterbeer while hopping on the Hogwarts Express.

9. Friends & Family– Ok, this isn’t bookish, BUT I have to say that I know I’m especially blessed with people who love me just as I am – book-obsessed and all. They are my rocks, without whom I would have given up a lot of things (like this blog) a long time ago.

10. Uppercase– This has been the hardest and most rewarding adventure I’ve ever taken. I could not be happier than doing what I love to do – reading and recommending books – for a living.

What books or bookish things are you especially thankful for today?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • I’m thankful for second books in the series that actually live up to the first! So rare.

  • Classy_Girl

    I’m thankful for all books and writers, and also for having found this blog. It’s been so much fun reading your suggestions, adding stuff to my wish list, and reading some of the books and loving them.

    I hope the next year will bring you more success and may international shipping prices drop so I can get my paws on an Uppercase subscription 😀

    Also, mega jealous about living so close to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I still have to make my pilgrimage to Orlando to see it!

    • You should definitely visit Orlando! I hope we can offer international shipping soon, thanks!!

  • We were just talking about how we need to move to Orlando and either work at WWoHP or get passes there so we can just casually have dinner at Three Broomsticks or whatever. 😀
    You’re definitely living the dream! Our library has a program whereby you can email them with your favorite genres, authors, and five fav books, and they’ll give you five recommendations based on that- I thought that would be the BEST job (if only it didn’t require a Masters in Library Science!). Sounds like Uppercase is essentially that….PLUS you’re giving the best happy mail. Yay!

    • I 100 percent support your move to Orlando!! 🙂 And, thanks for all the support, Beth – it means a lot!