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Top 10 Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book

All this wishing makes me hopeful authors will hear our desperate pleas.

Top 10 Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book

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1. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter– I would take ANY of the Harry Potter characters, honestly, but Hermione would be my top choice. She’s an activist (elf rights!), and I’d love to hear more about her ginger babies.

2. Nikolai, Grisha series– OH MY GOSH. So yeah, I would want his story while he’s with Alina, etc., but then afterward…if you catch my drift.

3. The Darkling, Grisha series– I mean, this needs to be a thing. The freakin Darkling is INTENSE and DARK and SWOONISH.

4. Captain Thorne, Lunar Chronicles– I’m hoping to see more of him in Winter, but he should really get his own spin-off for sure.

5. Gansey, The Raven Cycle– He’s going to have adventures outside of the Raven Boys anyway, so why not let us see what he’s up to, right?

6. Kriss, Selection series– So, I know The Heir is coming out next year, but I’d love to see what this crazy flirt gets up to.

7. Christina, Divergent– Because feels. Also, I need more closure. Kthanksbye.

8. Warner, Shatter Me– He got his own novella, but I need more. He’s easily my favorite character from this series. Please, Mafi, please.

9. Sirius, Harry Potter– I mean, a young Sirius?! With James and Lupin?!?! J.K. Rowling, why do you tease us with these short stories?

10. Prim, The Hunger Games– AGH! She got up to some mischief in the last book, and I would have loved to been in her head while Katniss was away.

What character do you think deserves their own spin-off series?

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  • Mandy R

    I agree with Gansey and you really can’t go wrong with any of the Harry Potter characters!

  • Nori

    I completely agree with Kriss! Darn, how did I forget about her?

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  • Lisa Schensted


  • Jeremy Chenevert

    Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga