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Top 10 Most Intense YA Love Triangles

A love triangle. In YA you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

So, I’m going a bit rogue this week. Because Valentine’s Day is such a mixed holiday of romance, consumerism and drama, I had to celebrate the YA way with love triangles. We can rarely escape them, so why not “celebrate them?”

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Top 10 Most Intense YA Love Triangles

the hunger games love triangle

1Bella, Edward and Jacob– Twilight. This love triangle was so intense because it lasted so many books. Meyer really made us fight to find out who Bella would pick…like it would be a surprise…

2Peeta, Katniss, Gale – The Hunger Games. Ok, this one was definitely off the charts crazy. Especially because Katniss was pretending to be in love with Peeta for the games like 90 percent of the time.

3Lena, Alex and Julian– Delirium. Although this love triangle spans two books, it’s about to get super real in Requiem. AND it will get resolved, no less.

4Cassia, Ky, Xander– Matched. I still don’t know how this one turns out. I stopped reading mid-way through Crossed. Now THAT is seriously the worst!

5Celeana, Prince Dorian and Choal– Throne of Glass. I loved loved loved this book last year. I cannot wait to see what develops and blossoms in Crown of Midnight.

6Helen, Lucas and Orion– Starcrossed. This love triangle is getting more and more complicated. I honestly don’t know who will win out though (even though these things typically follow a pretty basic pattern).

7America, Aspen and Maxon– The Selection. I still loved this book despite all the negative reviews (and unfortunate author scandal). Does America go with her long-time friend now boyfriend or top royalty. Decisions, decisions.

8Zoe, Max, Adrien– Glitch. Just when I thought this one was done, Override through me. Not in an obvious way, but I’m wondering what’s coming up for this dynamic trio.

9Blue, Gansy, Adam— The Raven Boys. This love triangle is also less obvious. The thing is Blue is foretold to fall in love with Gansy, but in The Raven Boys, she clearly has a thing for Adam. Hrmmmmm.

10Saba, Jack, He Must Not Be Named (Not Voldy)— Rebel Heart. I can’t even go into this. I hate spoilers so I just can’t, but like…Saba totally goes ape-shizz in this book.

BONUS: Cuz you’re awesome…and also because I lost track of how many love triangles I had…

11Adam, Warner, Juliette– Shatter Me. I’m LOVING this love triangle and no one can convince me otherwise. It’s just too darn good.

What is YOUR favorite YA love triangle?

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  • Jessica

    I LOVED The Selection! And Glitch is definitely on my TBR list. Great list!

    Here’s my Top Ten!

  • TOTES with you on the Rebel Heart. Although I’m drawn to the Not Voldy character of whom you speak. I hope we’re still friends!

  • Great idea to do love triangles! Reminds me I need to catch up on the Starcrossed books – loved the first one. Shatter Me’s triangle is developing very interestingly too.

    I’m old fashioned, I loved the love triangle between Aragorn, Arwen and Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) (if it qualifies as a love triangle) and have you read Shadow and Bone? There was an interesting one in that one too.

    Here’s my list

  • I love your idea of doing love triangles, even though I hate them, lol. And, I love the list you came up with. I really think you need to read Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I think you’d love the love triangle in that series. 😀

    My Top Ten Tuesday Post

  • Tanya Patrice

    The dreaded love triangle – I love ’em and hate ’em. I think my fave was in Vampire Academy where I would have been fin with whichever guy won her heart.

    Tanya Patrice

  • Heather@The Flyleaf Review

    “Saba, Jack, He Must Not Be Named (Not Voldy)— Rebel Heart. I can’t even go into this. I hate spoilers so I just can’t, but like…Saba totally goes ape-shizz in this book.”

    OMG, I KNOW!! But like Lisa said above, I too have many unresolved feelings for “he who shall not be named” dude. But I still love Jack too. Sigh. I’m so confused.

    Nice list:)

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  • Zoe

    Hemlock (Kathleen Peacock) This book is just too good. It grabs you and you can’t put it down EVER. Even though the love triangle wasn’t the dominant part of this book I definitely loved it. Mac, Kyle and Jason are all amazing character but I’m still on team Kyle.

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  • Melissa

    Im a sucker for love triangles. The most recent one was “taking chances” and “from ashes”. Lived them both read both in a weeked

  • Cheyenne Terry

    Ashton, Sawyer and Baeu. The Vincent Boys/Brothers

  • Rachel Yeung

    I LOVE ADAM, WARNER, AND JUILETTE. Read it if you haven’t yet.

  • Mari

    I keep checking if you have updated this page:))) Any new recommendations? I loooove good love triangle

    • Cale Schnell

      Guess not, I keep checking back the last three years, but she hasn’t gotten any new ones, I’ve read most of these, and a few weren’t that good. Wish I could find some new love triangle books.

      • Mari

        Cale, Do you have any good love triangles to suggest?