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Top 10 New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

Every author should quote the sage Mandy Moore from a Walk to Remember before publishing their book:”You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.”

Top 10 New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

top 10 new to me authors i read in 2016

1. Kerstin Geir– Everything out in the U.S. that there is to read by Kerstin Geir I read this year. The entire Ruby Red trilogy and Dream A Little Dream. I honestly loved it ALL. I even have the German movie adaption of the Ruby Red books, and it has subtitles and I hate subtitles. That’s how hard I love this author!

2. Ryan Graudin– Aside from Wolf by Wolf, Graudin has also written Walled City, which I still need to read. Wolf by Wolf is definitely one of my favorite books of the year.

3. Heather Demetrios– I read both I’ll Meet You There and Exquisite Captive this year by Demetrios. I hope you have more coming in 2016, Heather!

4. Naomi Novik– I’ve only read Uprooted by Novik, but she also has this incredibly interesting book series – Temeraire – that reimagines the Napoleonic Wars with dragons. I NEED TO READ THIS.

5. Julie Murphy– Dumplin’ was one of those books I read this year that sticks out so strongly in my mind. The characters are bold and colorful.

6. Erin Bowman– I had so much fun reading Vengeance Road by Bowman. This of course makes me want to read her Taken series, a trilogy of scifi/dystopia books.

7. R.J. Palacio– I don’t know how I went so long in life without reading Wonder. It was incredible. I was so touched by Auggie and his beautiful and sometimes painful insights.

8. Eleanor Herman– Known for her historical non-fiction, Herman jumped feet first into YA this year with Legacy of Kings. I have been shouting this book from the rooftops because SOGOODOMGAGHHHHHH. I have a more coherent review here, in case you want actual sentences.

9. Alethea Kontis– Again, how did I manage to not read Enchanted and Hero and Dearest for so long? Well, I know the answer to this one. The cover of Enchanted looked like the book was going to be very twee, but I could not have been further from the truth. What lies inside is pure fantasy at its very best.

10. Rachael AllenThe Revenge Playbook is one of my surprise loves of the year. The girl power is fantastic without being rah-rah cheesy. It was just plain FUN.

What new-to-you authors did you fall in love with this year!?

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  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    I added Naomi Novik to my list as well because I adored Uprooted. I really want to read Temeraire too. And I really want to read Wolf by Wolf as well – I’ve heard great things. Great list!

  • Chat Ebooks

    Thanks for this. Will definitely add them to my to-read list!