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Top 10 Romances in YA Books

I don’t know why I like to set myself impossible tasks. This post is basically pitting me against myself because HOW CAN I CHOOSE?!

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers! You’ve been warned.

Top 10 Romances in YA Books

top 10 young adult book romances

1. Yelena & Valek– from Poison Study. This was one of the books that got me in DEEP with YA. The romance was surprising and slow-to-start, which is my absolute favorite. So much yes to this!

2. Katsa & Po– from Graceling. Another oldie but goody. Graceling is almost a perfect book to me.

3. Celaena & Chaol– from Throne of Glass. Or Celaenna and her flavor of the week. Because YOU GUYS, I’m still reading book 4 (it’s been a million years) and there is no resolution. I’m dyyyyyyying here.

4. Aileana & a Fae– from The Falconer. I adored this steampunk historical Scotland-set novel, and the romance was just incredible. After what feels like 10 years (ok, it’s only been 2), the sequel is finally coming out this year!

5. Lilac & Tarver– from These Broken Stars. This is a science fiction based romance to swoon over. It starts out with the two characters basically hating each other, also a romance trope I’m a total fan of.

6. Feyre & Tamlin– from A Court of Thorns and Roses. THIS BOOK. Everyone needs to read it.

7. Kestrel & Arin– from The Winner’s Curse. I adore this series – it’s got it all: intrigue, scheming, romance, miscommunication that makes the romantic tension even BETTER.

8. Rachelle & Armand– from Crimson Bound. Rosamund Hodge knows how to write a dark fantasy with delicious romance. WOW. I had such a book hangover after reading this.

9. Blue & Gansey– from The Raven Boys. I couldn’t ship these two more if I tried. The Raven King comes out this year! I’m so scared…

10. Anne & Gilbert– from Anne of Green Gables. Just your average “angry redhead breaks a chalk board over your head to make you fall in love with her” type of love story! Anne, you beautiful, hair-dying mermaid!

What YA romances make your top 10 list!?

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  • AnneBennett

    I am so happy to see Anne and Gilbert and Blue and Gansey. Love those couples. I confess I am not familiar with the other couples. Sigh. My TTT Free Choice

  • Yelena and Valek together make one of the most kickbutt couples ever. Blue and Gansey are just *swoons*