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Top 5 Book Pranks in YA Literature

Happy April Fools’ Day!! I honestly do nothing to “celebrate” for this holiday. Mainly because I’m like Winston from New Girl. I would either go too small or too big/terrible.

So basically this:


Instead, let’s celebrate some literary pranksters who understand how tom foolery should work and execute their tricks with skill.

Top 5 Book Pranks in YA Literature

5. Anne Tricking Diana Into Getting Drunk

anne of green gables ya pranks famous

Oh my gosh, this picture! I’m dying!!

To be fair, this was a terrible mistake. Anne didn’t actually know she was giving her friend currant wine instead of raspberry cordial (which is just a sweet, non-alcoholic drink). But of course Diana’s family didn’t know that and thought her orphan friend got her drunk on purpose. (Why, though? Anne wasn’t getting drunk. Watching someone become intoxicated cannot be fun).

Still, good one, Anne. You tricked two people that day – Diana AND yourself.

4. Superglue in the Hat Trick by Matilda

matilda super glue ya book pranks famous

Although little Matilda Wormwood is our Nerdspiration, she does have a vengeful streak.

Because she caught her car salesman dad cheating his customers – and also being super mean to Matilda – she puts superglue in his hat. Which, of course, he promptly dons on his way to work.

You have to appreciate the simplicity of the prank, as well as the motivations. Matilda is one sly fox.

3. Male Stripper in Looking for Alaska

According to this YouTube video, John Green’s personal senior prank sounds VERY SIMILAR…ok identical…to the scene prank he wrote in Looking For Alaska.

In that book, Pudge and his friends pretend to ask an adult to come talk on their whole school’s Speaker Day about teen sexuality. When in fact, they hire a stripper instead, who strips in front of the entire school.

That’s a pretty epic prank, I must say. The fact that it’s real only makes it more crazy.

2. Tricksky Bilbo Stealing the Ring from Gollum

hobbit ya pranks famous

This is more of a skilled prank than any of the other options here. Through riddles and mischief, Bilbo Baggins secures the ring and then escapes with in in tact and in his pocketses.

I love his and Gollum’s riddles back and forth. I’m terrible at riddles, and this quick wit and puzzle-solving enchanted me when I read the book for the first time in high school.

I’d say escaping with your life and keeping the one true ring is one of the craftiest tricks of all.

1. The Weasley’s Fireworks Show While Leaving Hogwarts

ya pranks weasleys top

I’m 100 percent biased, but I have to list this as the best and greatest YA book prank of all time. Why?

I’ll tell you why. The Weasley’s are always pulling pranks, but how they leave the castle for good is so huge and powerful and hilarious that it trumps all their other mischief times 10.

So, not only are the Weasley’s FED UP with Umbridge’s rules and dominance of the school, they’re just tired of the grind of schoolwork. Especially when they know their talents lie elsewhere.

They not only wreck havoc by lighting long-lasting fireworks IN HOGWARTS, they also swamp out a whole floor AND charge Peeves with keeping up the trouble-making after they leave.

Plus, they secure new customers for their soon-to-be-open store.

Ah-mazing. You’ve been Weasley’d.

Did I miss any? What are your favorite YA book pranks AND/OR personal pranks you’ve pulled??

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