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Top 5 Favorite Book Couples

My wonderful husband’s birthday was last night! We celebrated by seeing our favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, perform. We seriously laughed the entire night and had a blast just spending some quality time together.

I’m a pretty lucky girl- my husband is seriously a perfect match for me. He’s patient while I change my mind a million times (something I do a lot), and he’s calm and gentle when I’m frustrated and upset. We share a passion for travel, hard work, our faith and, most importantly, each other. 😀

This appreciation for my spouse got me thinking about couples in books, and I came up with the list below. I took into consideration their mutual attraction to one another, how well they got along and their estimated longevity as a couple. Very scientific stuff, I know.

Top 5 Favorite Couples in Books:

1Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre)- I don’t know whether the recent movie influenced my decision, but I love this couple!! They overcome social and class differences to be together. They really struggle over their relationship (a secret wife stashed in the attic can do that), but they find true love in end.

2Princess Buttercup and Wesley (The Princess Bride)- I’m not sure how many of you have read the book AND seen the movie, but both are excellent! I love this classic “love concurs all” tale, especially with the “as you wish” line peppered in. This is a modern classic.

3Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter)- I absolutely ADORE the fact that this couple bounced from feeling love to hate to annoyance back to love throughout these books. I’m also really partial to reading about childhood friendships that slowly evolve into romantic relationships . *sigh*

4Anne and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)- I know I talk about this infamous couple often, but they really are a classic couple in literature.Theirs is the tried-and-true tale of boy meets girl, boy insults girl about her red hair (calling her carrots), and girl eventually falls in love with the more mature, roguish version of boy.

5Sorcha and Red (The Daughter of the Forest)- Even through a very dark storyline filled with pain and deep emotion, the love between the beautiful, fey Sorcha and the strong, silent Red was a bright spot in this novel. I was on the edge of my seat every page these characters interacted.

Ok, I couldn’t resists this 6th pick:

6Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games)- Their relationship is so complicated yet so beautiful. Although I wouldn’t call their ending “happy” necessarily, I would call it satisfying and realistic (within the context of the book). Agh! Heart-wrenching!

Who are your favorite book couples? Plus- if you feel comfortable- I’d love to hear a little bit about your awesome significant other!

P.S. Below is a picture of me and my husband from a few years ago! How young and carefree we were…

Me and my Love! <3

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  • Shanan B.

    My number one would have to be Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I love them both and loved watching put up roadblocks and then taking them down.


    • Shanan, I def agree! I plug Pride and Prejudice 24/7 on this blog, and for some reason I decided to give them a rest on this post. What a mistake…lol

  • Jenny

    Ahhh, I like most these couples too. I don’t have a significant other…yet, *fingers crossed* but you sound like one lucky girl. 😉

  • I’ll second the vote for Lizzie and Darcy and also for Katniss and Peeta; I liked that it wasn’t easy for them, nor could it have been giving what they went through, but that they were still able to appreciate each other.

  • Tammy

    You two look so sweet together. I have to agree with some of your picks be it I haven’t read your last two and 3 and 1.

    I am married to my school sweetheart. We met when I was 10 and we got married at 19. We have known each other for 27 years and in Sept we will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.

    We have 2 children, and I am a stay at home mom that home schools both children!

  • Tammy

    Sorry forgot to post my blog with that last post!


  • Aren’t you funny! You are still ‘young and carefree,’ Donkisa!

  • Ems

    I adore Valek & Yelena from the Study series by Maria V. Snyder. They are so suited for each other and a perfect complement to each other. Love them!

    As for me and my SO, it’s funny how it works. He’s got strengths that I don’t have and I have strengths that he doesn’t have. Together, we’re pretty darn strong. It’s also kind of funny because we haven’t yet met in person, but he’s the great love of my life. Our relationship started on one of those crazy dating sites, and we’ve spent literally thousands of hours on the phone or Skype. BUT! He’s coming here for a two-week vacation on August 9!! Yes, Ems is a VERY happy girl!

    • Oh my gosh- I can’t believe I didn’t mention Valek and Yelena! Love that couple!!! I’m excited for you to meet your bf in person- how exciting! You’ll have to tell me how it goes! 😉

      • Ems

        Oh for sure!! Only 11 days to go!

  • Those are some great choices! I love Ron & Hermione and Katniss & Peeta. I think I’m just a big fan of couples who are so complementary to each other. Maybe because I think my husband and I are the same way. 🙂 We’ve been married nearly five years and have a lot of fun together.
    Cute picture of you and your husband!

  • Melissa Hayden

    Oh these are great couples! 🙂 I loved Wesley and Buttercup. And Katniss, I’m happy with Peeta, but I had wanted her with Gale back in the early books. I can see why she picked Peeta in the end though after all the events they went through.

    Thanks for the list. And wonderful picture of you and your husband.