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Top 5 Picks For Young Adult Books Made Into TV Shows

With so many books being made into movies, it was bound to happen: books made into TV shows.

With smash hits like The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Gossip Girl, it’s not that far fetched to see our favorite YA books being transformed for the masses.

Young Adult Books Made Into TV Shows

TV is a tough place to be for the typical YA novel. As Page to Premiere reported in May, the pilots for Delirium and The Selection were both canned by Fox and the CW (respectively).

So why couldn’t they make it? Not the right audience, they said. Too similar to other debut shows, they said.

A few other books are in production to become TV shows – like The 100 and Flowers in the Attic (Lifetime movie, not surprised at all), so all hope is not lost.

In my personal opinion, I think the books below totally have the chops to make it as TV shows:

My Picks for Top YA Books Made Into TV Shows

The Naturals

young adult books made into tv shows the naturals

Why It Can Make Good TV: The Naturals has a natural (pun intended) bent toward mystery and solving puzzles. Ever since Murder, She Wrote, I think it’s been proven this format definitely works.

Plus, there are endless episodes you can wring from the storyline. That’s the key, I think – potential for longevity.

Inspired by These Successful Show: Criminal Minds and CSI. CSI has had so many successful spin-offs and has been on TV for more than 10 years. Clearly, the TV watchers can’t get enough

Perfect For: Mystery and crime show lovers. Plus, teens!! That two huge demographics right there.

Dream Cast: Cassie as Saoirse Ronan. She’s got the perfect sharpness and intelligence for this character. Plus, Taylor Kitsch as Dean, obviously.


books made into tv shows graceling

Why It Can Make Good TV: The best fantasy/sci-fi TV shows have really rich worlds that can generate any number of situations. I see this TV show moving past just Katsa and Bitterblue but to the residents affected by King Leck. It could be EPIC.

Inspired by These Successful Show: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones (<--I believe George R.R. Martin would agree it's possible for this transition to work!)

Perfect For:Lovers of vignette stories that eventually tie together

Dream Cast: Sam Clafin as Po, Jennifer Lawrence as Katsa (I know, I know…they’re already cast together in The Hunger Games, but they’re not romantically involved. I think they should be though!)

Artemis Fowl

books made into tv shows artemis fowl

Why It Can Good TV: Artemis Fowl has everything you need for a successful TV show: futuristic technology, an unpredictable hero with tons of money and intelligence and a ton of material (8 books so far)

Inspired by These Successful Show: Psych, Fringe. Fringe especially has done well in the alternate reality/paranormal genre. It would be more approachable though for both kids and parents.

Perfect For: The Disney, Fox Family crowd

Dream Cast: Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as Artemis


books made into movies battlestar galatica

Why It Can Make Good TV: There is a definite hole in teen TV shows for science fiction fans. Plus, with the main leads being strong young women, I think girls would be more drawn to watching this vs Star Trek or other shows watched mainly by guys.

Inspired by This Successful Show: Battlestar Galactica – This show set the stage for hardcore science fiction lovers with tons of action and substance.

Perfect For: New generation of Star Wars fans

Dream Cast: Abigail Breslin as Cinder (she’s too cute these days)

White Cat

books made into tv shows white cat

Why It Can Make Good TV: A crime family that can curse and kill people with one touch of their hands. It’s genius. We love rooting for the bad guy these days, so the conflicted nature of Cassel and his jacked family is ideal. There would be no lack of new situations Cassel could get thrown into (especially when he’s supposedly working with the FBI).

Inspired by These Successful Show: Dexter, The Sopraons. The widespread love of The Sopranos shows our love of gritty, in-depth looks into criminal minds and our secret rooting for them to become good (or at least better).

Perfect For: Watchers of Netflix original shows

Dream Cast: Nicolas Hoult (Warm Bodies) as Cassel, Willow Shields (The Hunger Games) as Lila

What are your picks for hot new books made into TV shows?

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