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Top 6 Bookish Moments of 2014

I’m so lucky that some pretty incredible bookish moments took place this year! Some were planned and some were totally unexpected.

Aside from these specific times, I honestly feel like I read some of the most incredible books I ever have in 2014.

What are your bookish moments of 2014? Did you meet any authors, get new bookshelves (I would be SO excited about that!), read a book that changed your life?

Top 6 Bookish Moments of 2014

Here are a few of my favorite bookish moments of the year.

top 6 bookish moments of 2014 read breathe relax

1. Participated as “Media” for the Divergent movie screening and red carpet event

I about had a panic attack when I found out I could attend the Divergent movie screening as press.

I got to briefly chat with these two amazing people…

veronica roth ansel elgort divergent movie tour

…My only regret is being so nervous that I didn’t ask Veronica Roth for a selfie and/or her autograph. With my flair for creating awkward situations, maybe it was for the best.

2. Launched Uppercase

This is one of my proudest moments this year. I launched Uppercase, a young adult subscription box.

The contents of the first mailing in August:

uppercase box august young adult subscription box

It has been a ton of work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s a natural extension of the blog; I’m physically mailing people books I think they’ll love. It’s heaven.

I have a ton of plans for Uppercase, and I hope it continues to grow in 2015!

3. Attended BEA

I finally returned to BookExpo America this year! It was so fun to talk to authors, meet other book bloggers and grab a ton of ARCs.

bea 2014 top bookish moments of 2014 read breathe relax

I probably won’t be returning next year because of the timing. BUT, I think I’ll be going to YALLFest in Charleston next year instead! If you live in the area or are also attending, please let me know!! I’d love to meet you!

4. Met Marissa Meyer

For some reason, Orlando doesn’t seem to host that many author events. Well, that or I’m just totally oblivious. But, it finally happened.

I went to a Barnes and Noble and met MARISSA MEYER!

meeting marissa meyer top 5 bookish moments of 2014

See that cheesy smile on my face? It’s pure joy.

Meyer is one of my all-time favorite authors, and I was so thankful to meet her in person. She even said my name sounded familiar (because of Twitter, probably). Which means we’re now besties, obviously.

5. Celebrated 1 year with my YA book club

Um, how did this happen?! I feel like I just posted on Facebook, asking my friends if anyone would talk about YA books with me. These ladies have blessed my life SO MUCH.

In the photo below, we’re at The Fault in Our Stars movie premiere. We also are pros at seeing all the YA books-to-movies. 🙂

young adult book club orlando top bookish moments of 2014

Here’s to more eating and chatting and oh, yeah…talking about books. #priorities

6. Visited the new Diagon Alley of Harry Potter Land

If you have the chance, come to Orlando. Forget Disney and go straight to Universal’s Diagon Alley.

Buy yourself a frozen butterbeer, OR now a hot butterbeer (<-- it's new!). My friend Jenna described hot butterbeer as what she thought angel's laughs tasted like. So, there you go. diagon alley universal harry potter top bookish moments of 2014 read breathe relax

After you drink your butterbeer in the temperature of your choice, walk the streets of Diagon Alley and ENJOY. It’s incredible.

Also, make sure you call your favorite Florida YA blogger to give you the grand tour. 🙂

….I mean me. Just to be clear.

What a great year!! #Blessed #ThatWasIronic #ButKindaNotToo

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  • Beth

    I’m going to be there in TWO WEEKS!!! Ahahahaha! I’m so excited! We’re doing three days, and a lot of butter beer. 😀

    And also, UpperCaseBox is awesome and everyone should gift a subscription to it to three of their favorite people.

    • Beth, that’s awesome!! If you have time to meet up or don’t mind me crashing your party let me know!! No pressure 🙂

      And, you are SO sweet about Uppercase! Thank youuuu!

      • Beth

        I don’t think we’ll have time (we have 3 days there, which should be enough, but I have exhaustion issues that may rob us of precious HP time), but I love being an excuse…so feel free to use that as justification for coming to HPland! 😉

  • Wow! You had an awesome Book year! Hope next year is just as good, if not better.