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Top Book Websites & Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are some genius people out there – genius people who have created top book websites and other tools that make people’s lives easier.

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I’m ALL about saving time (and money if possible). Reminders about books recently published? Send them to me! A way to trade e-books?! Yes, do tell! Book recommendation algorithms?! Tell me what to read ALREADY (although I trust people over robots machines any day).

Below are a few of my personal favorite top book websites and tools and a bunch I found via the World Wide Webz. I hope you find them as helfpul as I have.

Please share your own fave sites, apps or whatever in the comments!!

Top Book Websites & Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Google Chrome Extensions

If you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice (guilty!), then these extensions can help you in your day-to-day web surfing.

  • Any New Books? (HERE) – This app will show you the newest books published every week (based on the top genres you select). Every time you open a new tab, you can click the Any New Books? app to see what new book has been launched.
  • Goodreads Right Click (HERE)- This extension allows you to right click on any text and search for it in Goodreads. It takes a few clicks out of finding books online!
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  • Public Library (HERE) – See if a book is available at the local library when browsing Amazon.com and other supported sites. NICE!
  • Amazon Wishlist (HERE) – Add items to your wish list on Amazon from ANY SITE across the Internet. I use this instead of Pinterest for things I know I want to buy vs things I use for inspiration.

iPhone & Android Apps

I use my phone for everything, so if there’s an app that makes my reading life easier, I take it. Beside the Kindle, Nook and Goodreads apps, I think these are fun options to add to your app collection.

top book websites and tools 3d classic literature app

  • Book Crawler, $1.99 iTunes (HERE)- A library catalogue database to help you keep track of books you’ve read and provides local bookstore availability of them. Plus you can discuss books with people near you.
  • 3D Classic Literature, Free, iTunes (HERE) – 3D bookshelf of tons of classic books for FREE! From the app description: “Immerse yourself in the romance of reading with the sound of the leather-bound book covers creaking and the swiping sounds of the pages turning.” Immersion reading FTW.
  • Wattpad, Free, Google Play (HERE) – Get access to 10 million free books from well-known authors and budding novelists.

Trading Books

You’re done reading a book, but you don’t want to necessarily add it to your BURSTING home library (I feel ya), so what do you do with it? Why not swap it for a new (free) book?! These sites all facilitate the trading of books.

  • eBook Fling (HERE) – I’m still not quite sure how this site works, but it claims you can swap e-books for 14 days with other readers. Then the book is “returned” to the original owner. Interesting if it works correctly…
  • PaperBackSwap (HERE) – Sign up at this website (book club) to swap books for free with other members. There are currently more than 4 million books to chose from!
  • ReadIt, SwapIt (HERE) – This is like the other sites listed, only it’s a bit older and more recognized. Choices, choices.

Book Recommendations

My first line of book recommendations is always a personal friend/blogger suggestion. The second is Goodreads friends thoughts THEN it’s a computer algorithm. These sites offer some interesting takes on formula recommendations, though, I must admit.

  • What Should I Read Next? (HERE)- Enter your favorite book and browse other readers’ favorite books to provide recommendations.
  • Whichbook (HERE) – Whichbook is PERFECT for when you’re in the mood for a super specific book, like pirate fantasy books. There are like 10 books that fit that description, so this site would be really helpful in those situations.
  • The Staff Recommends (HERE) – A McSweeney editor and his cohort select books sent to them by publishers to feature on this site. It’s super clean and super simple. This is the equivalent of Staff Picks at local bookstores.
  • Your Next Read (HERE) – This site pulls in reviews and information from Amazon, but creates its own version of how to recommend other books based on initial choices.
top book websites and tools your next read

Staying Updated

Hate being the last to know about amazing new books coming out?! Me too. These tools may help you stay on top of the stacks!

  • Edelweiss Catalogs (HERE)- Many book bloggers use Edelweiss as another tool to request digital galleys, BUT book lovers with or without blogs can browse their publisher catalogs to scope out and find books that will be published throughout the year.
  • Book Notify (HERE) – Confession: This is a personal plug. A year ago, I got REALLY frustrated with keeping track of what books were being published what dates. So, I asked my web developer husband to create this book notification system that would email me with a reminder before the pub date. VOILA!
  • Goodreads’ labels – I’m so bad about using these labels, but I see crafty Goodread-ers labeling things like “Sept2013” to help remind them when they’re “to-read” can become a “read.”

Did I miss any top book websites and tools?

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