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Top Ten Blogging Confessions

It’s about to get REAL up in here…

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

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1. Sometimes I just want to write a one sentence review– Seriously. I just want to say, “It was good. Don’t you trust me yet?!?!” But that’s asking too much. 🙂

2. I almost always write posts the day they’re published– The ugly secrets revealed. I know some bloggers schedule posts way in advance, but my work situation is flexible enough I can post the day of. I do plan content way in advance, but the actual writing is live and messy.

3. Writing negative reviews makes me super sad– Like really sad. I whole-heartedly believe readers should know if a book is not worth their time and money, so I write them, but I still always dislike it when it happens because I always want to love it! It just can’t work out like that all the time. It’s just the rules.

4. Even though I ADORE physical arcs, digital copies are much more practical– I love seeing a sexy ARC on my shelf, but you guys, my shelves are falling apart from the weight of all my books. I just gave away – no lie- 50 books to friends and my local library (obvs only the finished copies). It’s a problem!

5. Sometimes I need a break from YA– Don’t get me wrong – I love YA!! But, sometimes I need a break and feel unable to take one. Because then I won’t have reviews in my blogging pipeline and what if readers really don’t care about my adult fantasy read. I still need to figure this one out…

6. It’s gotten better, but I still get jealous– Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, and I like to avoid it at all costs. But, being a book blogger means you face the jealousy temptation every single day. “Wait…they got sent _____? I wonder why I didn’t…” It’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s so difficult to combat.

7. Coming up with new content ideas is both exhilarating and exhausting– I love challenging myself to come up with new ideas for posts and features, but it can be so challenging to be fun and different and unique. I thrive on that challenge though.

8. Even though my pageviews keep growing, with so few comments, I always wonder if anyone’s really reading– Sometimes it can be like shouting into the void in blogland. I’m so thankful for those of you who read even in you don’t say anything. Maybe just every once and a while, drop me a line. 😀

9. Because I didn’t start on Blogger, I think I missed out on joining the community early on– It took me a very long time to find other bloggers and readers who I truly felt like were friends, even virtually. I started my blog on WordPress and I was late to the game on Goodreads, and I think that really affected how many people I connected with. It’s all good now, but it was pretty tough in the beginning.

10. I’m usually in a rush to publish my posts, and don’t proofread all the way through before posting – This is just laziness, and I’m ashamed. I’m sure you’ve seen my typos, and it’s just pathetic. GET IT TOGETHER, Parkin!!!

What is one of your blogging or reading confessions!?

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • I don’t read very many adult books and lately when I have, I haven’t enjoyed them much! I would appreciate seeing reviews on adult books from trusted sources who usually read what I read!

  • Love this post!

  • This is a really interesting post! Here is my confession: Sometimes I need a break from YA too, and I’m a YA author! But I think it’s good to mix it up sometimes. Earlier this year, after years of reading YA exclusively, I was feeling sluggish about reading and had a hard time finding a book that gripped me. So I read a Stephen King book (Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining). Stephen King is one of my favorite authors of all time, but I hadn’t read any of his recent works because I was so busy reading YA. Not only did I love Doctor Sleep, it reinvigorated my love of reading. I returned to YA, and I know that next time I start feeling sluggish about reading, I’ll turn to something different.

    • I’ve never read anything by Stephen King…where should I start?! Also, keep in mind, I’m a total horror movie/book wimp. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • I started reading Stephen King’s books when I was only 11 years old. CARRIE was the first, followed by FIRESTARTER. I wouldn’t consider FIRESTARTER horror–it’s about a father and daughter, both with psychic powers, who are on the run from the government. If you like dystopian books, THE STAND is absolutely phenomenal. It’s about the survivors of a flu-like disease that wipes out most of the population. There are psychic elements to it, and there is a very bad villain, but I wouldn’t consider it horror. Those three, plus the novella THE BODY (which was made into a movie called STAND BY ME), are probably my favorite SK books.

  • I would definitely appreciate an adult review (esp if it’s fantasy). I’m an avid lover of YA, but every once in a while I try to toss in an adult fiction.

    • Thanks, Jordin!! I didn’t think so many of you would be on board with that. I just might have to do it!! 😀

  • Lovely list, Lisa!

    I hear you on jealousy. Even though I’ve been around, and I am mostly content with my blogging life, it’s hard to see a stack of lovely new books and not covet it for myself.

    Also, on connecting with bloggers – I’ve only felt really close to more than a couple of my fellow bloggers in the past three years (since I’ve gone to BEA on a yearly basis, and can meet them in person, basically). I find it hard to connect over the interwebs, in comments. Emails are a bit better, but who sends those now?! And I love Twitter, but I’m more of a lurker and listener. So. Yeah. You’re not the only one who likes the community, but feels (or felt!) a bit ‘out of the circle.’

    I love this topic – I’m learning so much about my fellow bloggers this week!

  • Emma @ After the Book Hangover

    I feel the same way about having way to many books. My shelves won’t be able to hold much more weight yet there are still so many books to buy and love. I also need a break from YA sometimes. As well as fantasy and sci-fi which are both genres that I absolutely adore! I just need some variety in my life.

  • Casi Capa

    I subscribe to email so I never comment but I have saved all reviews relevant to me for the past two years because I trust your opinion. Sometimes you just don’t know what to say but you’re still interested.

  • Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    #1 I do all the time! Like, “it was fab, I cried, everyone needs to read it. THE END!”
    #4 is the reason why I don’t request physical arcs; I have enough space issues as it is right now with my own books.
    #8 is always hard; I could have a record number of views and two comments one day, but then really low views and eight comments another day. It’s just hit and miss sometimes!
    #10 I schedule my posts in advance (currently I’m prepped for about a week and a half out), but I suck at proofreading as well. I’m constantly finding errors in my their/they’re/there and it’s/its usage. SO embarrassing, especially since I have an English degree and teach writing xD

  • Lisa Schensted

    I am so with you on #4!

    And I’m also so perplexed when it comes to commenting. I see my pageviews and then the comments are so few. WHAT GIVES?

  • I heart this post so much. You took a lot of the words (confessions) right out of my mouth.

  • Phoebe

    #8 oops i’m guilty of that =P
    i’ve dropped by for awhile now, really love your reviews!! keep it up :)) You’ve persuaded me to read Under the Never Sky, Jenny Tan, Selection, etc.