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Top Ten Book Goals For 2014

I already mentioned a few of my 2014 reading and blogging goals here, but I’ll expand a bit more in this post.

What’s your top reading/blogging goal for the year?

Top Ten Book Goals For 2014

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1Read 70 books– Last year I surpassed my reading goal, so I upped my goal this year. We should seriously be proud of ourselves no matter how many books we read. The average American hasn’t read a book since high school…

2Choose books outside my usual fantasy/scifi genre– Like contemporary, classics, new adult. I desperately need to mix it up. Which is another reason I’m thankful for my book club.

3Launch new blog design– WOOHOO!! RBR is almost 3 years old, so I think that it’s high time for a more sophisticated design for this toddler blog.

4Attend BEA in May– AH! I went to BEA in 2011, and I cannot wait to go again and GRAB ALL THE BOOKS!!

5Read at least two indie books– This is long overdue. If you have any reccs, I’d love to hear them!

6Make more videos– I’ve only made a few videos, and I think my problem is thinking of topics where a video is actually helpful. I’ll think of something…The downside is seeing more of my awkward self in action. 🙂

7Continue to challenge my creativity– I love thinking of new types of posts and features and info to post on the blog. I hope you’ve been entertained so far, and I plan to keep it coming.

8Clean out my bookshelf– Whether it’s through donating or recycling or by doing giveaways (heyo!), I need to get rid of books. I’m literally three layers deep right now, and it got so embarrassing I put a tablecloth over my bookshelf to cover the insanity. Help!

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