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Top Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

Before I start this list (prompt from The Broke and the Bookish), you should know that I have a SERIOUS TBR pile problem. It’s 927 books strong, and it’s not a pretty.

So, just because I add books to my TBR willy nilly doesn’t mean you should fall into this bottomless pit of never-ending books as well!! STOP NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!

Still reading this? You’re probably doomed anyway…

Top Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

Top Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

1. A Thousand Nights – by E.K. Johnston. This story offers a new take on the One Thousand and One Nights tale. It sounds SO GOOD. Also interesting – The Wrath and the Dawn, which I recently read is also a retelling of this same folklore. How does that happen??

2. Da Vinci’s Tiger – by Laura Malone Elliot. A historical fiction story set in Renaissance Italy. I’m ALL over this. I haven’t read many YA historical fiction books set in this time period. Have you?

3. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart – by Jenn Bennet. Graffiti art? Wild bus rides? Secrets from a mysterious boy?? YES.

4. Soundless – by Richelle Mead. I’m SO interested to see what Richelle Mead has up her sleeve since her Vampire Academy series. Soundless is based off a Chinese folklore story, and it seems really unique!

5. A Madness So Discreet– by Mindy McGinnis. With asylums and dark family secrets, this book sounds creepy but thrilling. I’m worried it’ll be too much for me, but I’m willing to risk it.

6. Vengeance Road– by Erin Bowman. THE WILD WEST!!! My body is READY.

7. Newt’s Emerald – by Garth Nix. I will read anything by Garth Nix. And this book especially seems a new frontier for him. I mean, there’s a girl named Newt, so yeah…

8. Finding Audrey – by Sophie Kinsella. I can’t wait to read Kinsella’s first foray into YA lit. I also appreciate that it deals with anxiety, a struggle I think of a lot of readers can relate to.

9. Silver in the Blood – Jessica Day George. “Society girls from New York City circa 1890” plus paranormal elements. I’m in.

10. Play On – by Michelle Smith. In the spirit of Catching Jordan, I’m totally ready to read another sports-related book. This one centers on baseball, and I can’t wait to dig in!

What books are at the top of your TBR pile?

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  • I don’t think I heard about any of these books. So thank you for sharing, maybe I check out some of them 🙂

  • Thank you – they all sound interesting though I have explicitly added A Madness so Discreet to my TBR pile right away! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Aaaaand now I’ve just added six new books to my TBR pile (would’ve been seven but I have heard of Finding Audrey prior) – so thanks a LOT, Lisa! (No really, thanks; these look awesome. 😉 )

  • Beth

    You could have just titled this post, “Hey, Beth, add 10 more books to your huge TBR pile!” 😉

  • Oh man, I hate these top ten lists. Seeing all these titles makes my TBR hate me even more! Of course my TBR isn’t nearly as bad as yours so that is something. 🙂