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Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

It saddens me to list out all the books I’ll never read…but, time is a finite resource and I think we all want to read the best books!

Prompt from The Broke and the Bookish.

Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

top ten books i'll probably never read

1. Crossed by Ally Condie– I actually asked my mom to tell me how this book ended (she also reads YA!). I started reading this one and then gave up.

2. Ender’s Game-by Orson Scott Card. I really enjoyed the movie, but knowing there are a million sequels and that Card is kind of a jerk has put me off it.

3. I Am Number Four– by Pittacus Lore. I actually have a couple of the books, but for some reason they don’t pique my interest. I highly doubt they ever will.

4. Anything else by Dostoevsky– I read Crime and Punishment in 12th grade, and I’m thankful I did it. I think the one book was enough.

5. Sapphique– by Catherine Fisher. I read Incarceron a loooong time ago and the other books weren’t out yet. Then I totally lost track of the story and now it’s just too late. Do you ever feel that way? Like, it’s been x number of years and I just can’t?

6. Most celebrity-written books– Long-time blog readers may remember my dalliance with Tyra Banks’ YA debut, Modelland. Words cannot express how awful it was. So, I think I’ll pass unless it’s by a celebrity like Natalie Portman or Emma Watson.

7. Specials– by Scott Westerfeld. I read Uglies and Pretties, but by the end of the second book I wasn’t feeling it anymore. If anyone would like to summarize Specials, feel free to catch me up!

8. A lot of sequels– As you’ve seen in my other examples above, I tend to leave series hanging. I’m all about the investment of my time, and if I’ve forgotten the plot or have lost interest, I can’t make myself read sequels (or anything for that matter). It’s the burden of being a mood reader.

9. More “sick lit”– I loved The Fault in Our Stars and books about relevant teen issues like None of the Above, but I am 100 percent over books where one person is dying and the story takes up from there. I could probably be swayed though, especially because I LOVED the Me, Earl and the Dying Girl movie. I’ll put a pin in this one…

10. Days of Blood and Starlight– by Laini Taylor. I tried. I failed. I can’t.

What book are on your probably-not-going-to-read list?

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  • Oh my God, I had never heard the phrase “sick lit” before, but you are so right. 🙂 And I can’t believe I forgot about celebrity-written books! One of the strangest things this past summer was seeing the ghostwriter backlash to Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s novel… like people weren’t mad that they had a ghostwriter, they were just mad they’d had a ghostwriter who still made the book terrible, lol. 🙂 Great list!

    • Katie Sholty

      I think Lurlene McDaniel is the Queen of “sick lit”. So much sadness there.

  • Jane McGarry

    I am totally with you on the celebrity books and I love the term sick-lit – I have TFIOS and just can’t bring myself to read it!!! And as much as I love classic lit – I had to read Jude the Obscure in HS and it ruined Hardy for me – but after seeing the movie trailer, I am intrigued by Far From the Maddening Crowd…so maybe I will summon up the courage to try!!