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Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels

This was definitely a tough topic. Most books that are standalones are written that way for a reason. Most end in fairly, completely satisfying ways. Or they’re written in such a way that a sequel would only ruin the whole idea of the book.

Also, there really aren’t that many standalone YA books. So many books are part of series.

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Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels

someday someday maybe top sequels i wish had been written

1The Fault in Our Stars– It’s not so much a sequel I want, just a little more detail. Like what happens to Hazel and her mom?? Just a few more answers. I would take 50 pages.

2The Perks of Being a Wallflower– How does Charlie cope after all his friends graduate? How does he handle high school after that? I def need more answers from this book. Although it really did end well.

3The Scorpio Races– DEFINITELY needs a sequel. What the heck, Maggie Stiefvater? Although in my review, I did say how much I loved the ending. #Can’tTakeItBack

4Sunshine– This vampire book by Robin McKinley TOTALLY left readers on a cliffhanger. Like, hello, what about the romance?!

5Anna and the French Kiss– Although I think things ended well in this book, another book about the their adventures would be mighty nice….

6Someday, Someday Maybe– DEFINITELY needs a sequel. What the heck happens to Franny and her new budding relationship? I definitely wanted more clarity.

7Pivot Point– Again, it ended well, but another book wouldn’t be asking for TOO much, right? I don’t think so.

8A Long, Long Sleep– Talk about a killer ending. I think I understand why the book ended so up in the air, but I definitely want more answers to these and other questions.

What books sequels do you wish had been written?

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  • Erica Jane Ostergar

    Pivot Point is going to have a sequel–it’s called Split Second. It comes out February of next year.

  • Cali

    I definitely second the Scorpio Races one. I was very upset at the end. Also Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Loved the characters. Loved the story line. Hated how it ended like a low budget film that ran out of money.The unrealized potential of that book made me want to cry:(

    • Heather

      Shadow and Bone is the first novel in a trilogy. It has a sequel that just came out in June called Siege and Storm. The third book is called Ruin and Rising – to be published in June 2014.

    • Heather is right! Siege and Storm is CRAZY and AMAZING! Definitely read it when you get a chance!

  • Rushita

    Lauren Graham is actually writing a sequel to Someday, Someday Maybe and I agree it would be great to to see what happens to Hazel.

    • Very cool! Rushita – thanks for letting me know! Goodreads didn’t have that info #annoyed

  • I completely agree with you on A Long, Long Sleep- it had such a wonderful ending, but I wanted to know so much more! I heard just today that the author is in the editing stage of a sequel, so SQUEE! I was going to add it to my list, but I had quite a few others so it took the backburner. Glad to see it here!

  • Brittany Welsh

    Anna and the French Kiss is a-mazing. It is so hard to get people to buy into reading it but I don’t know anyone who regrets it. And at least Lola and the Boy Next Door and the future Isla and the Happily Ever After give us a little Anna/Etienne fix. *Swoon*