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Top Ten Books & Movies To Get You in the Halloween Spirit

This is a list for people who enjoy the idea of scary books and movies but who can’t actually handle them. I can only hope there are other softies out there like me!

Top Ten Books & Movies To Get You in the Halloween Spirit


messenger-of-fear-michael-grant book review paranormal fiction

1. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea– This book was INTENSE. It was extremely suspenseful and is perfect for a dark Halloween read.

2. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown– A book about how it would be in real life if vampires actually existed. Holly Black = autobuy.

3. Messenger of Fear– AGHHHH!! If you like movies like Saw, this is the book for you.

4. The Diviners– Confession: I did not in fact finish this book. I was loving the 20s vibe, but the scary murderer POV freaked me out waaaay too much. But if you like that, then dig in!

5. Something Strange and Deadly– Zombies in Philly in the 1800s. Yup.


top ten books and movies to put you in the halloween spirit

6. Hocus Pocus– This book TERRIFIED me as a child. I know….it’s sad. But that book with the eye, YIKES. But now, I love it 🙂 Especially now that I know what a “virgin” is lol.

7. The Adams Family– I just love the weirdness and the great 90s-ness of this movie. It’s a total nostalgia moment for me.

8. Halloweentown– This Disney original movie will make you laugh (because of the terrible costumes) and it will make you cry (because Disney original movies aren’t what they used to be).

9. Practical Magic– Sandra Bullock at her best. Plus, it’s creepy and romantic all at the same time.

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer– I’m talking about the movie, not the TV series. One of my first vampire experiences.

What scary books and movies would you recommend.?

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  • Beth

    This list is spot-on! For movies, I’d recommend Witches for a frightening kids’ movie, and Monster Squad for a silly kids’ movie. For books, I’d also add Rampant, because killer unicorns are scary. 🙂

  • Sally @ BarksandBaking

    The Diviners was just creepy enough for me (I couldn’t get through books like The Shining or House of Leaves though, I was definitely too creeped out to finish either of those!) I liked Coldest Girl in Coldtown too, although I didn’t find that to be Halloween-style creepy, personally.

    If you want other suggestions for something haunting and atmospheric for Halloween, I highly recommend Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian (a Dracula retelling)!

    I’m totally buying Hocus Pocus this year – classic 🙂