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Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

Another Tuesday, another Broke and Bookish topic! And, it’s all about books we struggled through.

Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

1. Gone Girl– This book was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I read it. It was dark and suspenseful and had the best twist of all time. But, it was tough because it was really creepy and depressing.

2. Messenger of Fear– This book was also very dark, which long-time blog readers know is not my cup of tea. There was also a ton of gory violence, which I prefer to skip over mostly.

3. Salt & Storm– It was only really the ending of this book that I struggled with. It made no sense, ya’ll. NO SENSE. It’s one of those moments we’re you can’t believe something just happened and you’re in shock because it’s that awful.

4. Suspicion– I just finished reading this book and will be reviewing it next month, but the language used was…bad. It was flowery and overdone, and I struggled with getting through to the end.

5. Finnikin of the Rock– Phew, this is another tough topic type book. There’s like mass genocide plus rape plus recovery. It’s a book you should mentally prepare for going in.

6. Red Rising– Just not for me. TONS and TONS of violence and the storyline started strong then faded. I almost DNF’d but then stuck it through.

7. Salvage– This is another book that dealt with a lot of loss. I typically read more for escapism, but I do enjoy challenging myself and what I typically read. This book is a positive example of that.

8. Outlander– So another thing that is a challenge to me is sex scenes. I usually skip over them, but in Outlander it’s almost impossible. It’s a personal preference, so this book was like a mine field.

9. We Were Liars– I saw the “twist” from the beginning, so I struggled enjoying the book because I felt like I had spoiled it for myself.

10. Lovely Vicious– A disaster from start to finish. The subject matter and the style of writing were not well executed. A let down for sure.

What books did you find difficult to read?

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  • Beth

    I have that same concern with Outlander! I haven’t read it yet, partly because I know a lot of sex scenes are going to make me feel uncomfortable, and I tend to read in public places (like on the bus). :/

  • Gone Girl made me feel all sorts of badness inside hahaha. It was awful!! I’d really like to see the movie, but I’ll have to watch it at home with a blanket, pillow, and the remote to fast forward!! I’m reading Wild right now and for whatever reason it’s taking me forever because of all the raw emotion and honesty.

  • Outlander – can you believe this was on high circulation mode among the church ladies back home?!?! Sorta cringed when it was loaned to me and all I kept thinking was, “my friend’s MOM read this”

  • Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    I didn’t see the twist coming in We Were Liars, but I think that has to do with the fact that I read it as an ebook and my reading comprehension is reduced drastically when I’m reading from my phone. But I can see how that would take away all the enjoyment!

    I’m actually glad now that I haven’t gotten Salt & Storm quite yet. I’m not really in the mood for a WTF ending right now 😛