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Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

I think a lot of boyfriends/significant others/husbands are going to be jealous today.

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Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

Hello, Tobias!

theo james divergent movie

1Tobias, aka Four– I love strong, silent types. Four has that going on. He’s rudely distant to Tris in the beginning, but she eventually wore him down.

2Perry, Under the Never Sky– He’s wild and has powers. He’s called a savage. Aria was lost from the start.

3Valek, Poison Study– The steam between Valek and Yelena was CRAZY. I especially love the scene where she’s drunk and rubs his shoulders on accident. Haven’t we all had that moment? 😉

4Peeta– Ah, Peeta. You took so much abuse from Katniss and yet you still hung on for her. That’s admirable and a little stupid…but still admirable.

5Charlie, The Perks of Being A Wallflower– Charlie is sweet and innocent. He just needs some friends and a hug!

6Mal, Shadow and Bone– I love it took Mal SO LONG to figure out his feelings for Alina. Typical male denseness.

7Mr. Darcy– I don’t know how much I even need to go into this. His arrogance would get annoying, but Mr. Darcy is Mr. Darcy.

8Cassel, White Cat– Cassel is a rebel – someone who your parents would hate but who will probably get you arrested.

9Trevor, Pivot Point— I just finished this book, so excuse me for gushing. Trevor is a cowboy, he is a great older brother and he is wounded (physically and emotionally). He needs YOU!

10Warner, Unravel Me— After Destroy Me, I am completely won over. TEAM WARNER all the way!!

Who do you wish was your book boyfriend??

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  • Eep! Four is also on the top of my list! *swoon* I haven’t read the other books yet so I can’t relate to your crushes. LOL

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

  • um OBVIOUSLY Fitzwilliam makes all of the lists always!

    And yes, Peeta is like the ultimate bookish bf because he isn’t put off by all of her moodiness ever. EVER. He just loves her through it all. Honestly, what more could we want?

    Finally – TEAM WARNER. So glad you’re on the right team. 🙂

  • Eva .

    Great list! Darcy made my list, too (in any incarnation, truly!)

    My TTT

    Eva @ All Books Considered

  • Peeta definitely made my list. I love Peeta! Mr. Darcy almost made my list, but I didn’t really like him for most of the novel so I couldn’t put him on the list, lol.

    My TTT Post

  • Ems

    Valek made my list as well. He’s SO yummy!

    I really need to read Shatter Me so that I can get to all the Warner-love in Destroy Me. Soon!

    My Top Ten: http://www.emsreviewsbooks.com/2013/04/top-ten-tuesday-30.html