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Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

Some of my choices for the top ten characters who’d I’d switch places with for 24 hours are probably a bit predictable – but I really would pick them!

Some of these characters I would only want to switch places with for a very specific 24 hours though…

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Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With For 24 Hours

anna and the french kiss stephanie perkins

1Anna from Anna and the French Kiss– I’d love to be Anna when St. Clair FINALLY confesses how he feels about her. Aww, the best!

2Zoe from Glitch– I’d love to experience food and emotions all over again for the first time like Zoe. I’m sure it’s really overwhelming but amazing too.

3Celaena from Throne of Glass I’d switch with Celaena when she’s kicking butt and taking names…which is all the time in this book. But I would switch back when she has to face some seriously scary shizz. Yeah…pass on that one.

4Emma from Jane Austen’s Emma– I don’t normally meddle in people’s lives, but for a day, I would gladly match people up and butt in where I don’t belong.

5Finley Jayne from The Girl in the Steel Corset Finley gets to wear some pretty amazing corsets, and although I’m sure that gets old, I would love it! Also, I’d want her super-human strength and speed.

6Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter series– Gotta be the adorable know-it-all. She’s sassy and smart and she gets to get Harry and Ron out of serious pickles (Sandlot, anyone?!).

7Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games — Ok, I would only be Katniss when she’s not running from danger, starving in a forest or avoiding bombs…so like probably less than 24-hours worth.

8Jane from Jane Eyre— Mainly because I just read Texts from Jane Eyre and am obsessed with a BBC mini-series of the book. She’s so strong and brave!

9Aria from Under the Never Sky— Aria gets to play with some seriously cool technology…oh and she also falls in love with a rugged savage…not bad!

10Eragon from The Inheritance Series– Eragon is my only male choice. I couldn’t resist communicating with a brilliant blue dragon and riding on its scaly back. Oh the life…

What characters would you switch with for 24 hours?

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  • Woo we have a few in common 😀 Nice picks 😉

    Here’s my TTT

  • How on earth did I forget Katniss?! I love your list…truly! Wonderful choices this week!

  • Oh god, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be Katniss! Her life is a living hell! As for me, I’d probably want to be either a Jane Austen heroine (Emma’s a good one … she’s filthy rich!) or possibly Neville Longbottom … he’s sweet, he likes plants … he doesn’t have to fight in most of the major battles…

    • That’s why I said a very specific 24 hours…lol Oh Neville! I’d be him just for the pet toad haha!

  • Anna was the only one I could think of so I skipped this week’s TTT. Great list.

  • Helène Ouwehand

    Zoe from Glitch is a good choice! Haha, I keep coming across characters I would have loved to pick! And I have Hermione as well!

    My TTT

  • Anna was one of my choices too. I just gave the reason of St. Clair and Paris, lol. I also chose Katniss and someone from Harry Potter, but it wasn’t Hermione. 🙂