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Top Ten Characters Who Would Be My Real Life BFFs

Although there are so many book characters I love, there are so many I think I could actually be real life friends with. I mean, can you imagine hanging out with Katniss?? Umm, no. Intense much??

Top Ten Characters Who Would Be My Real Life BFFs

elizabeth bennett book bff

1. Hermione Granger– She’s definitely a Nerdspiration. Although her super anal ways might get on my nerves, I think we could definitely be BFFs in real life. Or at the very least study partners.

2. Anne of Green Gables– Oh, Anne. I love a nice Ginger. She’s fiesty too.

3. Kami Glass– (from The Lynburn Legacy books) Kami is just the best. She’s a sassy high school reporter who is a serious wordsmith. She’d be great to have at parties.

4. Cress– Cress would be more like a little sister type BFF. She’s sweet and innocent and would probably need some guidance (to be warned against Han Solo characters…)

5. Elisa– (From The Girl of Fire and Thorns) Elisa is a tough cookie, but I think she’d make a great friend. She’s loyal and powerful and someone you could, you know, trust a kingdom with.

6. Lizzy Bennett– Cuz she’s the best. And she’s old-fashioned like me. Or wait..I guess I’m the old-fashioned one. And she’s the modern girl?? Also, we could DEFINITELY swap our latest books.

7. Dustry Everhart– (From The Nightmare Affair) Dusty is definitely a take-charge type of girl. I thin she’d be a good influence on me.

8. Vicky Darling– (From A Mad, Wicked Folly) Vicky is a fighter. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, so I could help her there, but I think we could definitely paint a suffragist mural together.

9. Lara Jean– (from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) I ADORE Lara Jean. If I was in high school with her, I would have definitely been drawn to her kindness. Plus, her tasty dinners.

10. Remy– (From This Lullaby) This is an oldy but a goody by Sarah Dessen. I identified with a lot of Remy’s insecurities. Plus, her romance is one I would have wanted her to gush to me about in person.

Who do you think would be your book BFF?

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  • La Coccinelle

    I don’t think Hermione and I would’ve gotten along. It would be two know-it-alls in a fight to the death… or at least a fight to see who could get the best grades. Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennet would be good to have as friends, though.

  • April Haug

    Everyone thought of Hermione except for me! lol. she would make a great friend.

  • Josette

    Hermione would be a great study partner! There’s so much to learn from her and she’s willing to share her knowledge. 🙂

    I like the idea of Lizzy as a BFF. The fun times to be had gossiping about Mr. Darcy!

    Books Love Me

  • I think Hermione and I would get along great!

  • Reviews from a Bookworm

    Great topic! I adore Hermione and would love to be her BFF. Although, she does remind me of my eldest sister because she’s really intelligent but she knows it. That can get a tad annoying over time lol. Here’s my TTT 🙂