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Top Ten Characters Who Would Be My Real Life BFFs

Although there are so many book characters I love, there are so many I think I could actually be real life friends with. I mean, can you imagine hanging out with Katniss?? Umm, no. Intense much??

Top Ten Characters Who Would Be My Real Life BFFs

elizabeth bennett book bff

1. Hermione Granger- She’s definitely a Nerdspiration. Although her super anal ways might get on my nerves, I think we could definitely be BFFs in real life. Or at the very least study partners.

2. Anne of Green Gables- Oh, Anne. I love a nice Ginger. She’s fiesty too.

3. Kami Glass- (from The Lynburn Legacy books) Kami is just the best. She’s a sassy high school reporter who is a serious wordsmith. She’d be great to have at parties.

4. Cress- Cress would be more like a little sister type BFF. She’s sweet and innocent and would probably need some guidance (to be warned against Han Solo characters…)

5. Elisa- (From The Girl of Fire and Thorns) Elisa is a tough cookie, but I think she’d make a great friend. She’s loyal and powerful and someone you could, you know, trust a kingdom with.

6. Lizzy Bennett- Cuz she’s the best. And she’s old-fashioned like me. Or wait..I guess I’m the old-fashioned one. And she’s the modern girl?? Also, we could DEFINITELY swap our latest books.

7. Dustry Everhart- (From The Nightmare Affair) Dusty is definitely a take-charge type of girl. I thin she’d be a good influence on me.

8. Vicky Darling- (From A Mad, Wicked Folly) Vicky is a fighter. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, so I could help her there, but I think we could definitely paint a suffragist mural together.

9. Lara Jean- (from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) I ADORE Lara Jean. If I was in high school with her, I would have definitely been drawn to her kindness. Plus, her tasty dinners.

10. Remy- (From This Lullaby) This is an oldy but a goody by Sarah Dessen. I identified with a lot of Remy’s insecurities. Plus, her romance is one I would have wanted her to gush to me about in person.

Who do you think would be your book BFF?

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  • La Coccinelle

    I don’t think Hermione and I would’ve gotten along. It would be two know-it-alls in a fight to the death… or at least a fight to see who could get the best grades. Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennet would be good to have as friends, though.

  • April Haug

    Everyone thought of Hermione except for me! lol. she would make a great friend.

  • Josette

    Hermione would be a great study partner! There’s so much to learn from her and she’s willing to share her knowledge. :)

    I like the idea of Lizzy as a BFF. The fun times to be had gossiping about Mr. Darcy!

    Books Love Me

  • http://www.andreabuginsky.com/ Andrea Buginsky

    I think Hermione and I would get along great!

  • Reviews from a Bookworm

    Great topic! I adore Hermione and would love to be her BFF. Although, she does remind me of my eldest sister because she’s really intelligent but she knows it. That can get a tad annoying over time lol. Here’s my TTT :)