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Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass YA Heroines

With a prompt like this – my fave kick-ass YA heroines – how could I NOT do this post?! There are too many to name, and they come in all different forms. Like with steel corsets or their mind powers. Heck YEAH!

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Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass YA Heroines

throne of glass by sarah j maas kick-ass ya heroines

1Finely Jayne– From the Steampunk Chronicles. This girl had a split personality where she was fearless and kicked butt and where she was shy and innocent. A good combo in general.

2Celaeana– From The Throne of Glass. Celaeana is one of my favorite heroines of this year. She’s strong and confident and has been through hell and back, which gives her her super kick-ass-ness.

3Rachel– From Defiance. I just finished this book, and let me tell you, Rachel is stubborn and not easy to push around. Plus, her dad trained her to take care of herself in a highly male-dominated world.

4Katsa– From Graceling. Also another classic heroine. She is born with a graceling power of being super strong and agile. When you can take down 10 men at a time, people know you’re serious business.

5Mercy Thompson– From Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. As a car mechanic and supernaturally involved, Mercy has a lot on her plate most days. Yet she still manages to do with with panache.

6Kate Daniels– From Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Kate Daniels reminds me a lot of Mercy Thompson. She too has a typically more dangerous, male-dominated type job (mercenary) and doesn’t take anyone’s crap.

7Senneth— From Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn. I think what a lot of these heroines have in common is that they’re leaders. Senneth is the leader of a group of warriors trying to settle unrest in their kingdom. Oh, and she commands fire. So there’s that.

8Sorcha— From Daughter of the Forest. In this case, strength and awesomness are more subtle. Sorcha has to save her brothers from a curse that turned them into swans. She has to be level-headed, crafty and patient.

9Lila— From Curse Worker series by Holly Black. As the daughter of a crime lord, you have to be pretty tough by nature. Lila definitely is rough around the edges, but that usually doesn’t certain boys from getting close.

10Ismae-From Grave Mercy. Combining faith and determination, Ismae sets off on a quest into unknown territory. She isn’t a follower, she’s a doer and a leader.

Who are your fave kick-ass YA heroines?

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  • I love Mercy and Kate, those are such great series!! I just started Graceling and am loving Katsa already, but felt like I should probably wait to finish the book before putting it on the list, ahah!

    Here’s mine: TTT

  • Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

    These are all new titles to me, with exception to Graceling….it’s sitting on my night stand waiting to be read.

    Check out my TTT

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  • Yay for Katsa! I’m so glad you chose her! She’d be at the top of my list. In fact, I’m making my list right now and putting her there. *runs to write a blog post*

    • Never mind. Oh well. It was a nice thought, lol.

  • Marina

    I think my top 2 would be Tris from divergent and Vi from possession.

  • Kate Anderson

    Where’s Hermione? Or not overly “kick-ass” and more “epically awesome”?