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Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Although some characters can annoy or entice, there are some characters who you straight up want to choke. And they make up my list today. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

bella swan most frustrating character ever

1Bella Swan– She is at the top of this list for all the obvious reasons: lacked a backbone, very mopey (maybe that’s more Kristin Stewart) and all-around weak heroine.

2Ron Weasley– Ron was frustrating in the very unique way that only boys can be. He just DIDN’T GET Hermione’s feelings and he was so very, very dense. But I loved him.

3Mr. Darcy– I think I’m still riding the Jane Austen high from yesterday, but seriously COME ON, Mr. Darcy!! No dancing? Lizzie Bennett’s brown eyes can’t tempt you?! Gah.

4Saba from Rebel Heart– Saba has made some truly terrible decisions in the last book. TERRIBLE. I can’t even talk about it.

5Katniss from The Hunger Games– I love ya, girl, but you can be cold. I mean sometimes it just seems like Katniss lacks the ability to emote at all.

6Tally Youngblood from Uglies– This character cannot make up her mind for the life of her. Also, she has no problem totally betraying all her friends. So there’s that.

7Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre— Aside from basically being the villain in disguise in this book, Mr. Rochester totally confuses Jane at every opportunity. He makes her think he loves her, then he flaunts another lady in Jane’s face. The drama!

8Lena from Delirium— I think it’s more that this series frustrates me because I’m dying on the ledge of a cliffhanger here.

9Dumbledore– Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some Dumbledore, but he was so mysterious with Harry in like 90 percent of the books. Can’t ever get a straight answer from old Dumbly.

10Tookie from Modelland– This character was frustrating because she wasn’t really a character. She was a strange creation from the scary mind of Tyra Banks.

Who is your top pick for all-time most frustrating character?

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  • Stephanie

    I don’t know if anyone has ever read the Tiger’s Curse books by Colleen Houck but every single character in that book was frustrating, the main character Kelsey being the worst (I wanted to choke her exactly 1 billion times). The books had a great story line (lots of adventure) and that’s why I stuck with them but the characters were terrible.

    • Jennifer

      I totally agree with you!! Kelsey is the most annoying character and she made me hate Tiger’s Curse so much that I refuse to read the rest of the books

      • Stephanie

        What also made the books annoying was the fact that every single man/creature/humanoid was in love with her (this happens more in the last 2 books), but there was NOTHING appealing about her. I adore books with strong female leads, but she was weak, daft, and dramatic.

  • Ron and totally get Ron.

  • Ha ha! I love why you listed Ron and Dumbledore. I would’ve never thought of it, but yeah, I can totally see it.

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  • Amy Peveto

    Seen Bella at the top of several lists. She deserves it! 🙂

    Here’s my Top Ten for the week. Happy reading!

  • Lady Julianne

    I agree with Bella, Ron and Dumbly!

  • Jan

    Clary Fray of the The Mortal Instruments. I was expecting her to do more action.