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Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

I’ve often found that secondary characters can make or break a book. There are so many fabulous ones to choose from, but my top ten picks are….

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Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

memorable secondary characters

1Hector, The Bitter Kingdom– Hector wins every time. He’s the PERFECT sidekick – honorable, brave, steafast and CUTE!

2Ron, Harry Potter– Ok, Ron is just the best. He’s very similar to Hector but you can also add that he’s a GINGER. Plus, he’s hilarious and has a sister who Harry sort of kind of has feelings for…

3Diana, Anne of Green Gables– Oh bosom friends. You just can’t beat them, you know? Diana was the absolute best secondary character because she was loyal to Anne and told her mom the truth about Anne sort of, kind of, getting her drunk on cherry cordial.

4Mal, Siege and Storm– This series is going to kill me, I swear. It’s not everyday your secret crush/childhood friend searches for you across the Unsea. Amirite?

5Augustus, The Fault in Our Stars– I can’t even. The movie better be flipping perfect. Come on, John Green!!

6Haymitch, The Hunger Games– He’s such a jerk but he doesn’t purposefully try to kill Katniss…so there’s that. Can I just say that in the movie he’s SO MUCH more likeable? They did the same thing with Jessica in Twilight and the grandma in The Princess Diaries. Ugh.

7Po, Graceling– When you’ve got one gold eye and one silver eye, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Cuz you’re dangerous and unbalanced and magnetic.

8Dobby, Harry Potter– DOBBY!!!!!! Seriously, the best character ever. He just wants to protect Harry, and for being a house elf, he’s pretty darn brave.

9Emmett, Twilight– Emmett was perfect for comedic relief in the series. He is the perfect image of a big tough guy who’s secretly a teddy bear…who rips apart bad vampires and makes tons of innuendos.

10Gavriel, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown– This book, oh this book. Gavriel is a dark and dangerous vampire, and he’s unbalanced and a little mad. Bestie material for sure. But, ya gotta love him.

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  • chocolatethief7

    Aaaahh, please, don’t remind me of Haymitch! I think I’m still trying to get over it. I mean, it’s not that the interpretation of the character was moving in adifferent direction from the Haymitch of the book, but it was just toned down. A lot. He isn’t grungy enough, rude enough, crazy enough, and it is such a shame. I loved the Haymitch of the book, he was just brilliant. And if they couldn’t make him like that in the movie, they could’ve at least made him dark haired-can’t remember if this was mentioned in the book, or it is just how I pictured him… ZO, well, I guess now it’s time for me to freak out about everything they’re gonna be messing up in Catching Fire.

  • Sonia Lal

    I love Dobey! Also, the Haymitch went crazy in the end and I so wasn’t expecting that.

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