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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger & Reader

This is going to be a gushy, we’re-all-in-this-together type post. You’ve been warned…

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger & Reader

1. The community– Being connected online, on Twitter and on my blog to a buzzing community of fellow book-obsessed fangirls is the coolest thing ever. I love knowing there are others freaking out about the same books I’m freaking out about is pretty amazing.

2. Constantly adding to my TBR– I see this as a good thing because I’m never struggling for recommendations. I just have to choose between all the books I want to read. Not a bad problem to have.

3. Becoming a YAangelist for my fave books– You can thank Forever Young Adult for the term “YAangelist.” It simple means to tell everyone you know about this crazy book you couldn’t stop reading and can’t stop talking about. It’s when you are so excited about a book that you would actually give away your own copy because you want someone to read it that badly.

4. The perks– I would be completely lying if I didn’t say that getting advanced copies of books is pretty sweet. It’s not even that I like getting them for free (but it’s nice), it’s the reading it before it’s published part that gets me squeeing all over the place. However, I would absolutely 100 percent continue to blog and love it if every publisher stopped sending me books tomorrow. I don’t do this FOR that reason. True story.

5. Meeting new people– I’m a strangely shy, outgoing person. I love meeting new people, but I get very anxious in new people-meeting situations. So, book blogging has helped me to break the ice in certain situations and be able to say “hi” without fainting.

6. Sharing obsessions with other people even more obsessed than me– You guys, you guys. Every time I think I’m the biggest fan of something, you go and outdo me. I’m not even upset. I’m just impressed. Haha, you crazies! I love you all.

7. Pushing myself to be creative– I really try to make this blog something that’s exciting and interesting and that offers my own unique perspective on reading and publishing. I strive to up myself and add new content and new features all the time. (Hopefully, I’m succeeding. I honestly can never tell.)

8. Book-related events– This includes my local book club, book signings and super huge events like BEA (I’m finally returning this year!). They are just the best.

9. Being in the know– I love hearing the latest book pub news and YA book to movie gossip before the regular, non-book-obsessed public. It makes me feel like I actually have the inside scoop. Which is not true, cuz I still manage to be the last one to know. Oh well, lol.

What do you love about being apart of this reading and/or blogging community?

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