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Top Ten Things I Like & Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

This was just too easy and too fun. Bookish romances for the win!!

Top Ten Things I Like & Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

top ten tuesday young adult book romance


1. A slow burn– I love romances that build over time. It makes it so worth it in the end. I think great examples are Graceling and The Glass Arrow.

2. Friends first– I adore it when romance blossoms naturally from friendship – especially if the couple’s been friends their whole lives. There’s something so sweet about it, and I love it!

3. Enemies first– Shadow and Bone taught me this can be super amazing….The Darkling forever, ya’ll.

4. Regular people– Not everyone needs to be a super model in books, but it seems that way sometimes. Eleanor and Park is a great example of people with flaws who fall in love, and it’s stunning!

5. Tomboy/sarcastic heroines– Two great examples are The Distance Between Us and Catching Jordan. LOVE THEM!!!


6. Instalove– This has faded from YA a bit, I think. Or at least I’m better at weeding this out.

7. Cheating– I refuse to read any book where cheating in a relationship is romanticized.

8. Certain love triangles– I know Lauren agrees 100 percent on this!! Some love triangles offer no value to the story and are just there to hook readers into reading more. No, thank you.

9. Unhealthy obsessions– Seeing characters become obsessed with their romantic interest is upsetting in a lot of ways. Twilight isn’t the only guilty book, either.

10. On-again, off-again– The Selection series, I’m looking at you… Just pick someone. Gah!

What types of book romances do you like/dislike?

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  • Great list!! I love when they’re enemies first and then here comes the passion! And the sarcastc hero/heroine? That’s my jam 😛 Banter forever!!!

    I do truly hate cheating. That’s one thing I’ll never ever understand. And the on and off thing? Ugh. So annoying, it pisses me off :/

    My TTT: http://frannieinthepages.blogspot.it/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-10-things-i-likedislike.html

  • Brittany Welsh

    The slow burn is definitely my favorite and, thus, instalove my least. I almost threw my phone (audiobook) on Ruby Red but it all ended up working out well. 🙂

  • Kara Young Dickinson

    Oh funny, I was all about the Darkling too!

  • Awesome list! I agree with everything on it. I LOVE the slow burn. And a big YES to characters who aren’t perfect. Eleanor and Park is one of my favorites. I loved that one so much.

  • Great list! I forgot about cheating when writing my dislikes — but it’s definitely one of my least favorite things in romance books!

  • Great post! I definitely agree with the friends first, but I’m not sure about the enemies first. It would depend on the circumstances. I’m definitely agreeable with the slow burn vs. the all-of-a-sudden romance, too. I like YA romances to reflect the characters getting to know each other, perhaps helping each other through difficult times, and falling in love along the way. Can you tell I recently read TFIOS? 😉

  • Kyla McCallum

    OMG I’m reading the Lux series right now and I just CAN’T do it anymore. Gahhh!