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Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

In which you find out my bookish secrets and goals…

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

book clutch top ten bookish bucket list

1. Make my own book clutch– This is in the works. I’m starting a new blog feature where I show you how to do book crafts! It will most likely be a total disaster, but we’re going to try, ok? Ok. *lays down tarp over everything in house*

2. Create a home library– This will take me awhile because of budget reasons, but I’m trying to buy a few things here and there for the space I have in mind. I just love having a whole room just for reading!!

3. Start owning whole book series in the same format– I only have a few series I can currently make this claim about. I want to pick a few of my favorites and get all the books together like the little family they are. 🙂

4. Do something crazy from a book – like a book dare– I’ve been thinking of this for awhile. Like, I could jump off a moving train from Divergent. Or, travel to Amsterdam and meet some crazy author like in The Fault in Our Stars. Just a crazy idea.

5. Meet more of my favorite authors in person– Yeah, for real. All you crazy kids have met the coolest people! This year has been a big for me in this area, but otherwise, I’ve met no one!

6. Read 100 books in a year– Last year, I read 82 total, so I think this is doable. I just need to continue to work up to it.

7. Pick a few books to read from Rory Gilmore’s ultimate list every year– This is a huge challenge, but I admire that Rory Gilmore (bad boyfriends aside), so it’s worth a try!

8. Re-read some of my favorite books– I never make time for this! Too many new books to read…But, seriously, I love re-reading my faves!!

9. FINALLY finish the Anne of Green Gables series– I always stop after the 5th book. Where Anne and Gilbert get married. I know, it’s so bad! Haha!! It’s like, “The romance is over? SEEYABYE.” Oops.

10.Be better about finishing series in general– I’ve quit so many book series its insane. If the second book is bad, I just can’t summon the energy to keep going. I know I don’t HAVE to finish, but maybe I should stick with a few more.

What’s one of your bookish bucket list items?

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  • tam

    I agree with you about having the series of books in the same format! I like to have the same editions/ covers etc so they are a complete set (even if I have to spend a little bit more!). Would also love my own library, the way my book case looks, its looking likely. Love the blog and like following you on goodreads for any new tips for books, Tamsin