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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

Welcome to my first meme-hosting! It’s Top Ten Tuesday and was started by The Broke and the Bookish! You can join the fun too by hopping over to the site and checking out their post!

Today’s Topic: Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

1Books used as coasters– Why would you want to destroy books by placing greasy food or coffee cups on them? Usually I get books returned to me in this type of ruined state…grrr.

2Different book formats– If you start a book series a while after it’s been published, you might buy a mass market edition (the smallest paperback size). Then, when the newest book comes out, the hardcover is published first. Well, I hate waiting, so end up buying a series in all sorts of sizes. My bookshelf looks ridiculous for this reason.

3Romances that drag on forever– Once I see any remote potential for romance, I’m hooked. (And, I have no shame is admitting that). So, when a book or series refuses to resolve the romantic tension until the last few pages of the very last book, I start to get a little peeved. COME ON! Swoon, kiss, make up. Is that so hard?

4All the characters die– Why is this necessary? Once the author has started the killing spree, I can’t enjoy the book anymore because I’m anxiously wondering if my favorite character will be offed next!

5All talk no action– Although I love dialogue, character backgrounds and world descriptions, I also love chase scenes, sword fights and magic duels. In the words of Hank Williams Jr.,”a little less talk and a lot more action.”

6Characters oblivious to their own attractiveness– Characters that have no idea they’re gorgeous but somehow attract all of the other good-looking people, just get on my nerves! Fake humility even in novels does not make it less fake.

7Highlighting, underlining- Although, this mainly pertains to school books, it still really bugged me. Whenever I bought a a used text book on Amazon, I always prayed no one lied about the “new or like new” condition status of their book. Just fyi to those peeps, if you underline everything, then nothing stands out…

8 Creased book binding- I really hate it when book binding for paperbacks gets all crinkly and creased. It decreases a book’s “new” look by 80 percent. (That’s a fact.)  😉

9Overwhelming content trends- I think a lot of other bloggers mentioned this one too. Trends like hot vampires or dystopian societies are all the rage right now. Don’t get me wrong- I’m eating them up, but I’m also hoping that they calm down soon so that other exciting stories have their moment to shine. Plus, it all starts to sound the same after awhile.

10Ugly book covers- I absolutely judge books by their cover. I feel spoiled by YA books because a lot of covers in this genre are generally really pretty. Fantasy books on the other hand could use a little help.

What are your top bookish pet peeves? I got a little snarky tonight, so please feel free to do the same! 🙂

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Oh yes, I hate it when people use books as coasters. They are trying to save the furniture and they wreck the book. Argh. I also hate it when book covers don’t take into consideration young adult tastes.

    • Lisa

      Anne- I definitely agree! I wish I could see the behind the scenes making of book covers and how some ugly covers are thought up. lol

      Kathy- Dog-earring is the WORST! I can’t believe people really do that!! We shouldn’t be embarrassed about our book collections- they just…special 😉

  • I love this post! I think my biggest pet peeve about the physical books is when people dog ear the pages. I lent a friend a book one time and she brought it back with over 20 pages dog-eared. Seriously. Who doesn’t have an old receipt/gum wrapper/sock laying around they could use as a book mark?
    And I agree with so many of yours. My Harry Potter collection is also a mess of hard cover and paperback books. It’s a bit embarrassing. 🙂

  • My book pet peeve, beside dog-eared pages errrrrrrrrr- is when you’ve lent a book and then that person says they’ve lent it to someone else without asking if it’s okay with you. And then the book just disappears to some secret book nook never to be found. I’ve had this happen to many times to count and then land up having to purchase another book to have in my collection. No one knows where it went. Thanks Lisa for your contribution to “pet peeves.” You are amazing as always with your ideas!!!!

  • I hate the dog-eared pages as well so much. But my bigest peeve is if you have a hard cover set with the cover sleeve and you get the book back with the sleeve ripped or missing. It’s almost as bad as the creased or super bent book because there is no repairing it.
    I also hate plastic book. They call them “durabooks” but they are very heavy (a normal novel weighs the same as a midsized textbook) and the pages tear away from the glue easy.

  • So sorry for my typos. But! That brings up another peeve; published books with typos. I usually catch them (even though I clearly can’t catch my own), and feel like the publisher or reviewer failed to do their job.

  • Yup, yup *nodding to herself* all talk and no action is definitely something that annoys me a lot!
    And I, too, hate people who scribble, draw, underline or circle something in the book! Keep your hands off! it’s not your property! >_<
    Also, ugly book covers bother me a lot. Not because I mind it that much, but because often the content of the book deserves better. We all tend to judge books by the covers and if the cover sucks then, well, we just don't pick it up. Waste of writers effort!

    Great post! 😀

  • I confess: I dogear my pages. I know others who find this annoying, but I dislike bookmarks because they always fall out (maybe I’m just clumsy).

    I’d never use a book as a coaster, though! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post! I agree with all of them (especially the underlining thing!) except #4. I like when the stakes are raised, and if I can’t predict who’s going to make it out alive, the better.

    My book pet peeve? It’s probably not my biggest, but I also would add slow beginnings. I expect to be entertained from the get-go 🙂

    Take care!