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Top Ten Tuesday: Mean Girls

Top Ten Tuesday and was started by The Broke and the Bookish! You can join the fun too by hopping over to the site and checking out their post!

I love today’s topic- the Top Mean Girls of literature.

1Ava from The Goddess Test– She starts off as a super bia- trying to trick Kate and make her look like a fool, but she does reform her mean girl ways a bit. 🙂

2Girl with the Thong in Angus, Thongs Full-Frontal Snogging– In middle school, these books literally made me laugh out loud. And the thong wearing girl whose name I can’t remember was super mean and super stuck up. And wore thongs that ride up, which should really just be illegal.

3Jessica from Twilight– She is Bella’s on-again, off-again friend and is really just a frenemy. At least her character doesn’t even matter by the 4th book.

4Pansy from the Harry Potter books– Pansy is Draco’s girlfriend. Need I say more?

5Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park–  Mary tries to woo Edmund, the lifelong love of Fanny Price- which means I just had to hate her on principle.

6Katniss from The Hunger Games– Ok, she’s not a mean girl in the traditional sense, but she is a very hard, cold sort of girl. She is a bit difficult to like at times with her lack of emotion and flinty personality.

7 Felicity in The Great and Terrible Beauty– She is seriously so rotten in this first book. Very Rachel McAdams-esque in Mean Girls (the movie).

8Josie Pye from Anne of Green Gables– All she did was sneer and make fun of Anne’s red hair throughout the books. Oh, and pine after Gilbert. Justice is sweet. 🙂

9Selia from The Goose Girl– Wanting to usurp the throne by impersonating the princess definitely lands her in the “mean girl” category.

Gah! I couldn’t think of a 10th girl. Pansy is awful enough to fill up two spots, right? 😉

What literary mean girls do you love to hate?

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  • Great list! I am a new follower. 🙂

    Reading Lark’s Top 10

  • Katniss…. I can see that!

  • Lol At Jessica…Yea, she doesn’t even matter! 🙂

  • The first bitchy girl I thought about was Elena from the The Vampire Diaries book series, man she really annoyed me!

  • Hattie from Ella Enchanted – what a wicked step-sister!

  • Lisa

    Reading Lark- Thanks! I love your blog! 😀

    Jasmine- It’s soooo true! 🙂

    Deborah- haha love it! That’s a good one!