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Weddings and Romance in Books

As many of you already know, I’m a fan of romance.  Although “fan” may be a bit of an understatement, as I have been known avoid reading books that don’t have any romance at all. I just can’t help myself though.

To me, if the action is dying down or if there are seemingly impossible trials to overcome and I’m losing faith in the book- but there’s romance- my interest can be held for hundreds of pages. Just a hint of love potential, and I’m all in!!

Yesterday, one of my friends got engaged, and I was instantly swept back into wedding planning mode. I LOVE weddings, and I loved planning mine. I often wish I could rewind the clock, go back, and live it all over again.

Please indulge me in sharing some wedding pics… 🙂

Finally Mr. & Mrs.!

Snugglin' under the veil

All of this got me thinking about love and relationships in books.

What makes a book romance truly memorable to you? Is it a love triangle Bella-Edward-Jacob style? Or is it more subtle with the characters falling in love slowing over time?

What things can you not stomach?

My list is short, but these things can really get under my skin:

  • Characters who don’t interact for 60 percent or more of the book
  • When characters are already in relationships (I guess that makes me a bit of a purist)
  • Purely physical relationships- otherwise, it’s not love, it’s just lust

If anyone ever needs wedding planning help or just wants to talk weddings, please feel free to contact me anytime. I’ve got wedding fever (fevahhhh)!!

Have a great Sunday!

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  • Or romances that have tragic endings, like “Wuthering Heights”, one of my all time favorites. Thanks again Lisa for your insight. You know how much I loved YOUR wedding:)

  • I like a bit of romance in a book but I am unable to stomache a book that has nothing but romance. I’ve actually been known to avoid books that have extensive romance or love-triange themes. I’ve never read twilight for exactly that reason (that and the crappy movies..but that’s a whole ‘nother thing). But I agree, I can’t stand it when the two characters are already matched up because then I feel as if i’ve been cheated out of the falling-in-love process. On the other hand I love it when two characters driven by lust forge a deeper connection. In general though, my biggest pet peeve is when a relationship between two characters seems rushed and shallow but the use of the word “love” is thrown around a lot as though to mask it. I am of the opinion that if two people are in love it should be obvious, actions speaking loader than words and all that….
    PS: I think that I’m a romantic in cynic’s clothing wearing jaded’s armour….lol.

  • Just kind of randomly looking back at some of your posts. So cute! One thing I have to have is tension. LOVE tension where they aren’t getting along right at the start but you get the feeling things are headed in the right direction and can’t WAIT for them to get there.

    Speaking of really good books, 2 that i read recently I feel fall into these categories. First, Cold Magic by Kate Elliot. The second in the series comes out REAL soon. Tension galore!

    The other one that I just finished reading was The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell. It’s supposedly MG but the main character was just too relatable and hilarious for me to feel that way. Plus, there is tension again! While the book does resolve itself nicely, there is most CERTAINLY room for more and I really hope it goes in that direction.

    Anywho, hope things are going well for you!