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Weekly Book Nerdspiration: Natalie Portman

This week our book nerdspiration comes from the lovely and talented Natalie Portman! It makes me want to rewatch V for Vendetta…

Book Nerdspiration: Natalie Portman

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Book Nerdspiration is an original Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that honors the biggest book nerds of all time. They may be fictional or famous, but they all must be well-read. These are the people who inspire us to read more, read well, and let out our inner book nerd.

This Week’s Pick: Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is a Harvard grad and an all-around smart lady! Plus, she’s often caught reading…in short sweater dresses. (Don’t we all?)

Caught Reading: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Natalie has said that it’s “one of the most beautiful, entertaining, challenging books—something that takes all your attention.” She even gave it to all her friends as gifts for years! Oh to be Natalie Portman’s friend…

Favorite Genre and/or Book: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. She also reads a mix of political stories (What is the What by Dave Eggers), poetry and classics.

Most Likely to Talk About: Veganism, her husband Benjamin and baby Aleph, her soon-to-be home Paris, new movie Thor: The Dark World

Why She Inspires Us: Natalie Portman is a serious actress who takes time to (probably) read in between jetsetting between the U.S. and France and raising her baby. (Sounds less and less likely…). Either way, she’s educated and proud of it. That’s the type of famous lady we can get behind.

Are We Book Soulmates? Definitely not. I’m a fiction type of girl, and Natalie seems to like the more cerebral type books. It just wasn’t meant to be…

Who is your personal book nerdspiration?!

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