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Weird Fantasy Books

For every fantasy book that’s rocked my world, there’s about 2 or 3 more that have either totally creeped me out due to bizarre content or have had uncomfortable scenes that detract from a mostly un-creepy story.

In the fantasy/sci fi genre, I’ve learned to keep an open mind about things. I mean, hey- it’s called “fantasy” for a reason, right? But, over the years, I’ve realized there are just some things that test my gag reflex or push the limits of what I find enjoyable to read.

Top 5 too-weird-for-me book list

1Breaking Dawn– Bella’s birthing scene in the book really sent me over the edge. I mean, her baby is basically stronger than her and Edward has to like use his sharp teeth to get the baby out! Ew.

2Acorna– This book is about a girl who is half unicorn. The writing was great, but honestly- this was just too bizarre for me. I don’t really read that many science fiction novels, and this type of storyline may be why. Acorna, please don’t take it personally…

3The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms– This book has gotten some high acclaim, which has absolutely shocked me. Gods and humans mix together in the palace of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and if you remember any Greek mythology, you can guess what happens.Chaos, mayhem and attempted forcible seduction. Ugh.

4 A book whose name I forgot probably due to its scaring nature- The nameless book ends with a bang= brother/sister incest + brother literally explodes into nothingness at the end of the book. I have no more words to describe my horror.

5Any book about Orcs (like from The Lord of the Rings) or a talking animal who is the main character- I have never even given these types of books the time of day because they are just too out there for me.

To be fair- there are a lot of books that I never thought I’d read and have been pleasantly surprised when I’ve finally caved to curiosity and read them. Unfortunately, the only surprise I received from the books listed above were unpleasant feelings of shame, humiliation and regret.

I guess that serves me right for picking up a book about ” the unicorn girl”… 😀

What weird fantasy books (or any type of book) have you read? Or is there a certain type of book that you just can’t make yourself read?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • haha, wow, number 4 really must have traumatized you, it would anybody. I honestly wonder why they publish some things, but there must be an audience for it out there somewhere….yeah.

    Not that animal books as the main characters creep me out..they’re just too hard to relate to. SHAPECHANGERS, on the other hand, i just can’t get enough of!

    Hilarious post!

    • Lisa

      It really did!! It amazes me how books like that could get published!! lol Omg, and I’m right there with you- shapechangers are awesome! But like just a book about a talking cat is strange…I mean, I’m sure 7-year-olds love it, but I just can’t do it anymore. 🙂


  • Well, I never read a book about a girl half unicorn. 😉 But I can see the yuck factor in all these points. But I have to say I did enjoy reading Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and have the second book here somewhere to read as well. 🙂 Neat list though. There are some strange things in fantasy. lol. So true!

  • Breaking Dawn is one of my favourite books:D

  • Lisa

    Melissa- Maybe I’ll have to give The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms another chance. It was just…well, weird. lol

    Sarah- Although my love for the Twilight series cannot be diminished- this scene in the book was kinda gross, no? lol I can’t wait for the movie!! And to see how the director decided to show this scene…

  • Deadtreesandsilverscreens

    I don’t mind the talking animals books but I agree with you on number one. Wow number four sounds super messed up.