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What Real Housewives Book I Would Buy If I Had To

The real housewives (of any location) are trying to be entrepreneurs – almost all of the have written a real housewives book. What I mean by real housewives book is a conglomeration of pages that talk a lot about being a real housewife and (pick your topic here).

Caroline Manzo chose advice-giving. Teresa Giudice selected cooking. Brandi Glanville chose drunk tweeting and Prozac.

What I love the most, though, is that some of these books are CRAZY and others I would actually read. If you’re a fan of the epic Bravo series, then check out your favorite love-to-hate ladies’ memoirs.

What Real Housewives Book I Would Buy If I Had To

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Fabulicious_by_Teresa_Giudice real housewives book

This book is supposedly about how to achieve a life like Carolines. Ooooohhhhkkk. The reviews are brutal.

Teresa has gotten a lot of on-air flak for her books. They combine recipes with a side of smack talking castmates. It’s still a smart business move – capitalizing on both her cooking and the drama the show naturally creates.

In the current season of RHONJ, Melissa is in the process of writing this book, which will be published in September. It is definitely an interesting concept, and I wonder if it will be a joke in several years when/if she and Joe’s marriage can survive Teresa’s ill will.

This woman caused SO MUCH trouble the first and second seasons of the show, and this tell-all book is supposedly her chance to tell her story. OMGPLEASE! If anyone has read this book, please tell me what is going on?!

Real Housewives of Orange County

more than a housewife vicki gunvalson

Supported as a book about Vicki’s life and business career, it seems like the book is an opportunity to make excuses about her decisions and mistakes (not that she’s made any)…

Real Housewives of New York

skinnydipping-bethenny-frankel-touchstone real housewives book

I just linked you to Bethenny Frankel’s author page because this is one serious author. She’s most well-known for her Skinny Girl margaritas and cookbooks by the same name. She’s also written a fiction novel, Skinnydipping. I think Bethenny’s natural entrepreneurial talents only aided her sky-rocketing career on RHONY.

Alex is such a quirky character, that I’m almost not surprised she wrote a great book. This memoir, co-written with her strange-looking hubs, is a he-said, she-said take on raising kids in New York City. It seems fun and funny.

This concept of etiquette lessons with Countess LuAnn seems so put on to me. Like, someone approached her about writing this book. Not interested.

I’m so confused! I remember watching the season Jill, her sister and her mom did the photoshoot for the cover of this book. It seemed fun and full of good motherly advice. There are WAY more one-star reviews than any other rating combined, and reviewers are peeved. Ouch!

Real Housewives of Miami

sabor real housewives book ana quincoces

Another cookbook comin’ atcha. This one definitely stands out from the rest, though. It’s Ana’s signature Cuban cuisine. At least there is actual evidence of her cooking on the show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

phaedra parks real housewives book

Another book, another fanbase not impressed. NeNe has so much attitude on the show, too! 🙁

Kenya wrote this book back in 2007, so waaay before she was ever a RHOA. Too bad it sucked even then.

Although this Southern Belle how-to guide won’t be out until November, it certainly looks interesting. It IS, however, another, this is how I got to be the way I am style novel, though.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

drinking and tweeting real housewives book

This RHOBH star is known for her crass humor and take-me-or-leave-me attitude. It’s not surprising that her book has gotten A TON of 5-star reviews. It seems entertaining and hilarious. I would definitely read this!

Can’t you tell from the black turtleneck how moody and deep this book is going to be? Taylor shares the story of losing Russel and etc. etc. I can’t even pretend to be interested in this.

I love how Lisa combines her knack for decorating and party-planning into a nice coffee table book. I love her class and sophistication, and it seems like like readers think it offers helpful tips that are inspiring.

I think this book is just about Kyle’s life on and off the screen. Topics discussed include family, entertaining, marriage and…her hair…?!

BONUS: Any Cohen’s book: Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture

Andy tells tales of his childhood and how he got to be obsessed with pop culture. It sounds like a great read!

Which real housewives book would you buy?!

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