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What to Eat When Reading Angelfall by Susan Ee

Most of the times, I think about a book and THEN I think about the food I want to eat with the book – in the case of Angelfall, it was the opposite. I knew I wanted to make that special cake that is both fluffy and terrible for you first, and I thought of Angelfall second. NOM!

I’m sure you can guess what we’ll be making, but you should probably check this out in case I fooled you…

What to Eat When Reading Angelfall

Pages and Pairings insurgent read breathe relax

Pages & Pairings is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that matches up our favorite book and stories with tasty food and drinks. Reading should be a full sensory experience!

In these posts I’ll include links to the recipes so you can make these tasty treats yourself.

Eat, read and be merry!

Ingredients in Angelfall

Angels aren’t as fluffy and gentle as you would think. At least not in Angelfall. Angels are harbringers of death and destruction, and it becomes all too real for Penryn when an angel plucks her little sister from the harsh LA streets.

Although this book doesn’t portray angels in the typical “messengers from God” type of way, I had to stick with the fluffy theme. It’s more delicious that way, I promise.

Angelfall’s menu includes:

Angel Food Cake

angel food cake pages and pairings angelfall

I hope everyone saw this coming. OF COURSE I chose Angel Food Cake! And, you’re lucky – the recipe I chose from Joy the Baker is a pretty simple one. Who knew this recipe can get crazy difficult?!

As the name implies, the cake is light and airy, very much like the strong but physically light Raffe from the novel. He has to be able to lift his body weight, so I’d hope we wasnt’ a chub. (Like me, after eating this!…still YOLO 😉 )

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies

lemon blueberry cheesecake cookies angelfall pages and pairings

A bit more rich in taste, these Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies from Hot Polka Dot look amazing! I’m sure Penryn hasn’t eaten something that delicious since before the angel attacks.

Don’t let that make you feel guilty eating them though- there are plenty of other reasons for that!

These tasty treats will only serve to enhance the awesomeness that Angelfall already has – it’s a great book that’ll fly by!

Eat, read and be merry – Angelfall style!

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