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What to Eat When Reading Valkyrie Rising

Norway is known for more than it’s peaceful fjords…and other sod roofs (according to Valkyrie Rising). It’s got some awesome regional cuisine! Nom it up with these probably American-ized Norwegian dishes while cracking open Ingrid Paulson’s Valkyrie Rising.

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Let’s eat!

Pages & Pairings: Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

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Pages & Pairings is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that matches up our favorite book and stories with tasty food and drinks. Reading should be a full sensory experience!

In these posts I’ll include links to the recipes so you can make these tasty treats yourself.

Eat, read and be merry!

Ingredients in Valkyrie Rising

As I mentioned a bunch earlier in the post, Valkyrie Rising is set in Norway! Although I’ve never eaten anything remotely Norwegian, I would some great recipes via the Internets in general and our ever-helpful friend, Pinterest.

Food isn’t mentioned too often in Valkyrie Rising, but I can only imagine that Ellie, Graham, their grandma and Tucker sat down to hearty fish and meatball dishes. (Or so Wikipedia tells me).

Valkyrie Rising’s menu includes:

Lemon-Baked Cod

Almost completely surrounded by water, Norwegian’s have gotta be pros at making fish, right? Dig into this simple dish of Lemon-Baked Cod while reading about Ellie galavanting around her grandmother’s small town. Don’t forget to watch for bones…especially while Elli’s crushing her opponent’s.

Norwegian Meatballs

Despite some serious family secrets going on, Ellie and her grandma are pretty tight. They often chat over dinner and bond during their short time together. Ellie’s grandma is pretty awesome at everything, so I’m guessing she’s a great cook.

I could easily imagine myself at dinner with these tall blond beauties while eating classic Norwegian meatballs. I mean it’s covered in a cocoa sauce. Just. Say. Yes.

Norwegian Berry Drink

After all this hearty food, you’ll need something refreshing to wash it all down with. What’s better than un-pronouncable berry drink (Rå bringebærsaft). Yeah…

After all her boot-bounding, heart-racing action, I bet Ellie could have used a little refresher too. I mean, fighting Odin’s hench-women plus figuring out your feelings about your long-time boy friend (friend who’s a boy) is hard work, yo.


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Eat, read and be merry – Valkyrie Rising style!

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