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Where to Find the Best Hunger Games Tshirts

Hunger Games Tshirts?? You may be thinking: “Hasn’t Lisa already posted about Hunger Games jewelry, a Hunger Games read-along, the second HG trailer and tons of other things?!”

You would be correct! But, I’m way too excited and PUMPED about these books and this movie to stop. So please bear with me as I post about HG from now till the 23rd.

Where to Find the Best Hunger Games Tshirts

I didn’t buy wands for Harry Potter (only the Lord knows why not) and I didn’t rock out plaid for the Twilight movies. Why I’m saying is now is my chance and yours too!!


RedBubble.com has a ton of custom Hunger Games Tshirts with a variety of funny/cute sayings. Here are some of my favorites:

may the odds be ever in your favor

i heart peeta the hunger games tshirts

keep calm and stay alive hunger games tshirts

love hunger games tshirts

katniss peeta gale and prim hunger games tshirts

president snow hunger games tshirts


I knew Etsy would represent. There is a great variety of girly tees (and regular ones too) with original ideas!

team peeta hunger games tshirt

shoot gurl hunger games tshirt

odds be in your favor hunger games tshirt

team buttercup hunger games tshirt

Hunger Games Tshirts Honorable Mentions

I really think RedBubble and Etsy have the largest range of Hunger Games Tshirts options, plus you can’t beat the raw creativity out there! As honorable mentions with a tad fewer choices (but still cute tees), we have:

I hope you find some fantastic tees on these sites! We only have 14 days left UNTIL THE MOVIE IS OUT!!!! *May the freaking out commence…*

What other places have you found that have cool Hunger Games tshirts??

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  • Robin Donnelly

    Are you going to buy a shirt, Lisa? I like the “LOVE” one! Also, “Team Peeta” and the hot pink one. Just think, 2 weeks from right now, we will be hooked up to our coffee IVs… 😉

    • Robin, I think I am! I wanted to make my own, but I’d probably be embarrassed to wear it out of the house. 😉 I might get the “odds be in your favor one” or the “I heart peeta.”

      I can’t wait!!!!!

  • I just REALLY want the Peeta has Croissants shirt from FYA!
    It’s kind of the best.

  • Oh I like the saying about the odds, on the top part of the post. Nice finds!