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YA Book Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Want your Halloween costume to be bookish or literary this October 31? ME TOO.

I’ve been thinking up young adult book related costumes for awhile. Below are some book character costume ideas to inspire you!

YA Book Character Halloween Costume Ideas

YA Book Character Halloween Ideas 2014

Hazel Grace, The Fault in Our Stars

Although this costume may be a bit morbid, I love the idea of dressing up as someone brave and funny – and who has great taste in ironic clothing.

Search Zazzle or RedBubble for a recreation of the pipe shirt Hazel wears in Amsterdam. It’s also a fairly easy costume to put together (minus the air tank, unless you have one lying around…).

And, as a bonus, most people have heard of or seen the movie, so you won’t spend the whole night explaining your costume…

America, The Selection

This costume is basically an excuse to put on a prom dress for those of us who are way too old to wear our ancient prom dresses anymore. I love this ruffly number that looks an awful lot like the dress on the cover.

If you don’t have dresses that look like this one, you can check out local thrift shops or Goodwill. The bonus on this one, is it’s one piece and you’re DONE.

Tris Prior, Divergent

Tris is the new Katniss for 2014 Halloween costumes. If you’ve got tight black pants and a red tank top, you’re good to go.

If you’ve got a boyfriend that looks like Four, then 1. extra points and 2. hold on to him for all time.

Rose Hathaway, The Vampire Academy

So, I think movie makers saved money this year by letting Katniss, Tris and Rose Hathaway all share the same pieces. Black leather pants + anything that looks like a biker would wear it are IN for YA movies.

For this one, more cleavage is a must. 😉

Thomas, The Maze Runner

This is for the man in your life – unless you’re a guy reading this post. If so, THANK YOU. You’re a rarity in the world of young adult book readers. Never leave, ok?!

thomas the maze runner young adult book character halloween costume

This is a great couple outfit because Theresa’s outfit is pretty basic too. Just make sure you show up to your Halloween gathering with dirt and sweat on your clothes.

Mia, If I Stay

Mia gave us some options. We’ve got, out-of-body experience Mia from the hospital…

…and the out-with-Adam-on-a-rainy-day Mia.

Both very cute with fairly simple pieces to assemble.

What YA book character would you LOVE to dress up as (for Halloween or any other time)?

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  • Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    These are way more doable than what my sister wanted me to do – she was all for trying the Frozen thing (with me being Elsa and her being Anna). I really love Mia’s “out with Adam” outfit! Not to mention the fact that I could wear it for more than Halloween 😀

  • Beth

    The difficulty with this concept (although I love it) is that unless the character wears a distinctive, described outfit, or they made a movie from the book, there’s not much to go on. But, all said, there are some Game of Thrones outfits I would LOVE to rock for Halloween. I have the hair color to do some Melisandra red priestess awesomeness this year, but I’m a season behind on the show. :/

  • Yun-A

    I really like Mia’s hospital outfit.

  • Lara F

    Oh man, I’m so going to be Tris for halloween! It’s relatively simple and yet pretty distinguishable with the tattoo and styling. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Love Hazel and Tris’ outfits! I would also still choose “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” costumes.

  • brittbrat21221

    just so everyone knows.. Rose Hathaway is from Vampire Academy