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YA Book to Movie Review: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl is a movie you’ll want to see! It’s releasing June 12 nationwide.

Movie Review: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

me earl and the dying girl movie review

As a Movie

I was lucky to snag a ticket to see the advance screening of Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.

I had zero expectations going into to because I actually haven’t read this book! But, I saw it had a lot of positive reactions at the Sundance Film Festival, so I was cautiously optimistic.

You guys, this movie is incredible.

What I loved most is that I laughed SO HARD. Greg Gaines, a high school boy trying to blend in and make it through high school, is just like the funniest character in film of books I’ve seen in a loooong time.

The awkwardness of high school and the insecurity of being who you’re becoming is communicated so well. I felt like I really understood who Greg was and what he was going through.

I’m not sure whether it’s because this is more of an indie-ish film, but everything about Me, Earl and the Dying Girl felt super authentic. The school the movie was filmed at looked like, I dunno, an actual high school and not a secret castle like some movies make high schools seem.

Not to mention that not only Greg, but his “co-worker” Earl as well as the “dying girl,” Rachel, had so much vivid detail to make them feel like I knew them – or wanted to know them better.

I think what this movie and book suffer from the most is comparison to The Fault in Our Stars. Ever since reading TFioS, I really haven’t been interested in touching stories that I thought were similar (i.e. involved someone with cancer).

I have to tell you though that this story was so very different than TFioS. I think there are things to love about both – but I honestly think I enjoyed Me, Earl and the Dying Girl more overall.

Let me put it this way – this movie I could watch more than once. The Fault in Our Stars is a one and done type of movie for me.

Finally, I really enjoyed that the movie didn’t rely on sort of standard high school jokes, humor or themes. It addressed the teenage experience without adding in every overdone cliche in every teen movie ever.

Bonus: Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) being hilarious and very un-Swansonish.

As A Book Adaption

Like I said, I haven’t read this book yet, but after seeing this movie I’m adding to my TBR pronto. I can only imagine what this story is like in its original format. Can’t wait!!

If you’ve read this book, how did you like it? Are you excited about seeing the movie?


I thought this YA book to movie was an authentic portrayal of a teenage experience. I loved Greg and Earl and Rachel and just everyone. I haven’t laughed so hard in a movie in awhile, and I was in awe at the raw power of the narrative. I highly recommend seeing Me, Earl and the Dying Girl – and if you’re like me – reading the book soon as well.

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  • Amanda

    I actually do not recommend this book. I gave it two stars because the beginning is wonderful and hilarious, but it becomes forced and over-the-top about 1/3 of the way through. Greg constantly tells the reader “I can’t believe you’re still reading this” every single (very short) chapter and though it was funny the first few times, it was super annoying by the end of the book. Speaking of, the ending (which I’d hoped would redeem the book) was lackluster. Not a fan of this book, and I’d had really high hopes for it, too.

    • Amanda – Thanks for sharing! That’s great info about the book. If you see the movie, I’d definitely be interested in hearing if you liked it better.

  • Nobody Ramirez

    I didn’t like the book but wanted to read it to the end but there are parts where I smile and laugh. The ending made me scream out loud saying, ‘It’s over end it here NOW!” Overall though I can’t wait to see the movie and since I read this book first then TFioS I wanted to read more cancer book.