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YA Fantasy Football Teams for Book Lovers

The only part of fantasy football teams I can get behind is the fantasy part. Because I’m not a big football fan, this part of the year is tough to get through. Every Facebook status is about who won, who lost, how their fantasy football draft is fairing.

It’s torture. I won’t begrudge other people their fun, but I have to find ways to cope. Which is why I drafted my own fantasy team…YA fantasy that is.

YA Fantasy Football Teams for Book Lovers

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Build Your Own YA Fantasy Football Team + Giveaway

Follow these three steps to make your own fantasy football team! Throughout the month, I’ll share the rosters, which will go head-to-head, and ask YOU to decide which team would win. After a team is named the victor we’ll go through as many rounds as teams we have and name the ULTIMATE YA FANTASY SUPER BOWL WINNER!!

By submitting your team, you’ll be entered to win the YA book of your choice!!

To enter, do the following:

1Fill out THIS FORM! – Look at the roster breakdown below to build your ideal team!

That’s it! After a few days, I’ll start to pair up your roster with other entries, and we’ll let readers decide who’s team would win if this was real life and all.

For extra entries, you can:

2+10 Entries: Tweet about your draft. Be sure to use the hashtag #YAFantasyFootball. You can do this every day for extra entries.

3+20 Entries: Share photos of your draft on Instagram. Use the hashtag #YAFantasyFootball. If you want to make sure I see it, tag me @LisaMParkin!

The Roster Breakdown

Magic Master

These are the Harry Potter types. They’ve got magical talents that kick butt, and they know how to lead others into the fray.

Some good options:

  • Dumbledore – What he lacks in agility (how old is he?!), he makes up for in wisdom and nonsensical sayings. He’s easily the most powerful wizard in YA fantasy-dom.
  • Frodo – He’s got the one ring to rule them all. That would DEFINITELY come in handy.

Supernatural Sidekick(er)

These totally awesome secondary characters. We need them to back up the Magical Masters and provide comedic relief.

Some good options are:

  • Alice Cullen – She could predict the other teams moves with accuracy
  • Peeta Mellark – He’s already proven himself in the Hunger Games. Plus, he can make you a mean cinnabun.

Power Player

This is your wide receiver. They need to be ready to get tackled and pull the team together. They’ve got heart under that those bulked up pectorals.

Some good options are:

  • Emmett Cullen – He’s got muscles on muscles. Werewolves got nothing on him.
  • The Darkling (Shadow and Bone) – While he’s got a slim build, he’s a powerhouse magically.
  • Po (Graceling) – He’s got some tricks up his sleeve that I’m not sure the other team would see coming.

Tight Ends (HEYO!)

No need to change the name of THIS football position. These are the hotties of the YA fantasy world, your book boyfriends or swoon-worthy characters.

Some good options are:

  • Finnick Odair- He’s the official hunk of The Hunger Games.
  • Dante Walker (The Collector) – He’s a demon, and by very nature irresistible.
  • Jace (The Mortal Instruments) – Everyone’s in love with him. Nuff said.

These YA fantasy football teams is a sport I can get behind!

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