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YA Heard? Book News: August 2015

Parks and Recs fans should instantly get the “Ya Heard? with Perd” reference 🙂 Only in this instance the “ya” actually stands for young adult. I’m sure you got that, but I don’t know how well my pop culture crossover references come off online.

The latest and greatest YA book news coming atcha…

YA Heard? Book News: August 2015

ya heard young adult book news

(I can tell you are jealous of my Photoshop skills. It’s ok.)

Dystopia is done, fantasy is finished: why realism is on the rise in YA fiction

From The Guardian

I’ll leave you to judge the contents of this article. It’s an interesting perspective on current trends.

Do you read contemporary books, and have you found yourself reading more lately?

Holly Black signs new YA trilogy deal

From Entertainment Weekly

Whaaaaatttttt? Don’t mind me, just losing my mind over here.

We’ve got a title: The Cruel Prince. (ahhhhh!!!) We’ve got a publication date: 2018 (noooooo!!!!). And we have a mini-description: “a young human girl who witnesses her parents’ deaths and is forcibly taken to Faerieland with her two sisters—one faery, one human—where she will grow up and one day fight to gain power.”


‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernie Cline Lands Seven-Figure Publishing Deal for Next Novel

From Variety

At first, I thought this was an older article talking about Armada. NOPE. It was published August 10th, and is referring to a totally NEW book!

Cline is on fire: Ready Player One will be in theaters Dec. 15th, 2017 and Armada is already being adapted for the big screen, too.

What’s hot in YA right now? Teen authors speak out!

From The Guardian

YA authors talk about their favorite teen books right now. This always fascinates me for some reason. I forget that authors are also readers, too.

Night School: first YA book pop song

From The Telegraph

This is cool and weird: “CJ Daugherty’s Night School has become the first young adult novel to get its official song. Betsa Collins, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Farnham in Surrey, has released Night School: the Song, which is about the characters from the bestselling series by Daugherty.”

I haven’t heard of this book, but I’m going to check it out now!

For Fun – Write Your Very Own Hit YA Novel With Our John Green Book Generator

From Jezebel

I think this is supposed to be mean…? But, it’s pretty funny.

Did I miss any juicy YA news/gossip?!

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  • That is so exciting about a new trilogy from Holly Black. I love her!