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YA Heard Book News: December 2015

There’s a lot of awesome YA book news this month – including a bunch of upcoming movie trailers!

YA Heard? With RBR – December 2015

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Steven Spielberg’s The BFG Finally Gets a Trailer

From Wired

UM WAT. I knew The BFG was being made into a movie, but I am not emotionally prepared for this trailer! I CANNOT WAIT. Roald Dahl was my jam growing up – The Witches, amirite?

With Steven Spielberg attached to this project, I’m even more excited!

Veronica Roth reveals first plot details about her next YA book

From Hypable

Wow!! This is the blurb from Veronica’s Tumblr:

“My new book is a sci-fi fantasy story set in a time of extreme political unrest (hence the “Star Wars” comparisons you might have heard!). In it a boy named Akos, along with his brother, is kidnapped and brought to an enemy nation. When the dictator of that place threatens his brother’s life, Akos has no choice but to work with a girl named Cyra (the dictator’s sister), to save him. But Cyra’s trust— and her kindness!— are difficult to earn…to put it mildly. And the intense friendship Akos and Cyra form puts them in more danger than they could ever have imagined.”

HarperCollins Acquires Two New Books By Lauren Oliver

From Publisher’s Weekly

The last books I read by Oliver were the Delirium series, so I’m ready.

Publication is slated for 2016 and the premise is: “The first of the two books tell the story of Lyra, known by the number 24, a replica – human model – who was born, raised, and observed in a clandestine research facility called the Haven Institute. When Lyra escapes from Haven and meets Gemma, a stranger on a quest of her own, earth-shattering secrets are revealed.”

Warner Bros. Releases Fantastic Beasts Trailer

From Facebook

In a series of movie trailer events, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them also had a trailer released recently, too! I have to admit, I’m a little less excited for this one.

I haven’t read the book, but hey another Harry Potter movie!

Fan-sourced Taylor Swift book coming from Simon & Schuster

From Entertainment Weekly

I’m a little confused. Simon & Schuster is publishing a book about Taylor Swift that will have a scrapbook feel and is taking suggestions and submissions from fans for it, BUT Taylor Swift herself is not involved with the book, i.e. this wasn’t her idea.

While I adore Taylor Swift, I wonder at the authenticity of a book not actually being written or created by the subject of it.

Brad Pitt, Warner Bros Team to Adapt Sci-Fi YA Novel ‘Illuminae’

From Hollywood Reporter

SO MUCH YES. I mean, Brad Pitt + Amy Kaufman + Jay Kristoff is an unstoppable team of awesome.

My only beef is having to wait till like 2018 for these movies!! 🙁

Throne of Glass colouring book from Bloomsbury

From The Bookseller

Take my money, Bloomsbury! Also, how cute is this?

“True story: my last semester of college (when I was still toiling over the early drafts of Throne of Glass), I took a plane from New York to LA, and the little girl sitting behind me randomly gifted me a page she’d completed from her colouring book—an illustration of Cinderella. At the time, Throne of Glass was a Cinderella retelling and I was wishing and hoping and working my butt off to one day get it published. So, when I got off that plane, I kept the coloring book page she’d given me as some sort of weird sign from the universe that I was on the right path toward making my dream come true”

HarperCollins & Insurrection Forge Book-To-TV Partnership Starting With YA Series ‘Mila 2.0’

From Deadline

I’ve read the technical language of the article, and it seems like HarperCollins has partnered with a TV studio in order to streamline the production of science fiction, drama and comedy YA books to television shows and beyond.

I thought Mila 2.0 was ok, but I can see why they chose it for a TV series.

That’s the latest YA book news for this month!!

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