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You can’t make stuff like this up…

A celebrity author I’ve mentioned before on the blog said the following at the Teen Choice Awards:

“I question when ‘celebrities’ write books,” she admitted. “But I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I consider myself a businesswoman. I’m in business school. I’m a producer and a creator and a storyteller, so it’s a little bit different than being an actress and being like, ‘I wrote a book!'”

Can you guess who said this?

Here’s a few hints:

1. The author recently started taking a class at Harvard Business School

2. The author is afraid of dolphins

4.Their last name is synonymous with money

5. In my humble opinion, the author has- of late- gone bat shizz crazy

So you probably guessed (I’m hoping the 4th clue is what really did it for you)…

….it’s Tyra Banks.

I still love Tyra and all- I mean I could watch reruns of America’s Next Top Model all day. But, like, seriously? She’s talking the crazy talk.

P.S. Only 10 days left till Banks’ YA fantasy novel Modelland debuts. I’m still on top of the reading fence of indecision.

Which celebrity isn’t writing books but should be? My vote goes to Natalie Portman. She’s educated and interesting, and I think she could probably write something really amazing!

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  • Ems

    I’d read a book by Natalie Portman. The rest of them? Not so much. Hollywood needs to grow up and recognize that ‘celebrity’ is not synonymous with ‘good author’.

    • I know! I really want to read something great by a celebrity though- just so I can be proved wrong.

  • She doesn’t think she’s a celebrity? (She is, obviously, no matter how you slice it and dice it.) But, that’s not even the issue. The issue is is she a writer/author? Can she write fiction worth a darn? Writers take issue with celebs publishing books and getting obvious sales from their established platforms because the writers got their platforms because they earned it through writing, not some other form of entertainment. It’s kind of… unfair, dare I say.

    Although, having the skills to play with the big boys/girls of publishing changes that.

    • It really is unfair. I mean, kudos to Tyra for being multi-talented and a business woman and all. It’s just tough to think she really wrote this book herself.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on Natalie Portman. Maybe Robin Williams, but that could just be me being passé. Re: Tyra Banks being batshit, hahahahah!

  • Deadtreesandsilverscreens

    I would love to see Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway write a book. Modeland sounds insane and I don’t know if I am going to read it. Only if it is free. I really doubt anyone who is famous for being a model, aka looking pretty, should be talking about others. At least actors and actresses have some talent other than being skinny.


  • Truly Bookish

    I agree with Tyra when she says she is a business woman. She knew there was a shelf life on her modeling career and parlayed it into something much bigger and with more longevity. She’s silly to say she’s not a celebrity but the important thing is can she write a good YA fantasy novel? Would this book even be published if her name was not on it? My reading time is extremely valuable and I can’t waste it reading bad books. I pretty sure I will wait for you to read it first Lisa and tell me if its any good ;-).
    Truly Bookish

    • NC- you’re really tempting me now! Maybe we could do a joint review… 😉

      • Truly Bookish

        You know what Lisa, IF my library gets this book and IF I can finish it, I would be willing to do a joint review. I have seen a few joint reviews on other blogs and I think they are cool….