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You Know it's a Dystopia When…

My post last week about top ten young adult dystopias got me thinking about dystopia books in general and all of the really strange things that happen in them. Like really weird junk goes down.

Let’s celebrate the strangeness of YA dystopias by engaging in an age-old tradition – making fun of things that are ridiculous.

the hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss

You know it’s a dystopia when…

…you’re attracted to someone based solely on their ability to kill animals for food.

…picking a train-jumping/extreme-fighting faction is your best shot at survival (Divergent).

…the people on Doomsday Preppers seem sane and rational by comparison.

…humans become a weird race of monsters with shrapnel and debris literally stuck in their skin (Pure).

…the human race resorts to polygamy because they’ve done too much genetic testing (Wither).

…running for your lives in the wilderness seems like a romantic way to fall in love (Delirium).

…people who don’t experience simulated smells and tastes in virtual realms are considered abnormal (Under the Never Sky).

…when you have to choose between a boy with croissants and another who’s got game (The HUNGER GAMES IN THREE DAYS!!!!)

…it’s a huge accomplishment to be able to touch people without killing them (Shatter Me).

share YOUR “you know it’s a dystopia when” in the comments below!

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  • Tdflores73

    …when an abandoned football stadium seems like a great spot to build a fortress against demons. (Armageddon’s Children)

  • Bookishlilly

    …when of all the guys in the world, the poor girl falls for the evil ruler’s son who just happens to be a soldier, AKA the enemy (Birthmarked)
    …when men vastly outnumber the women in a community so women have all the power and the men are too terrified to rebel (Prized)
    ….when the last group of humans in the world live on Long Island (Partials)
    ….when the government mandated matching ceremony (which has a crazy prom like feel to it) is pretty much the only time in your life that you will dress that nicely and eat that well (Matched)
    ….when your infamous for knowing how to hide in the metal pipes that run throughout the gigantic metal container that you live in (Inside Out)

    Sometimes I think I read too much dystopia.
    Truly Bookish

  • Oh you have to have Enclave on here too! 😀 I just don’t know a ‘when’ to add. You hav covered so many! 😀

  • 5thtiff

    Hey…can I share your list on FB? My peeps would love it!