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Young Adult Authors & Their High School Superlatives

Do you remember high school superlatives? Best Personality, Most Likely To Succeed and all that? I wasn’t popular or well-known enough to get awarded anything, but my friends and I gave each other our own (most likely to start a book blog, right here! Haha, just kidding).

Considering YA authors help us forever relive our teen years, I thought giving them some high school superlatives was only fitting.

Although I’ve awarded a few, YOU have the chance to vote on some superlatives at the end!

Young Adult Authors & Their High School Superlatives

young adult authors high school superlatives

Best Dressed

Veronica Roth

Touring around the country on the Divergent movie tour couldn’t have been easy. But VRoth ROCKED it out with some serious style. The dress she’s wearing in the picture below just nailed it for me. She looks like a total bombshell author goddess. You work that runway, Veronica!

veronica roth high school ya author superlatives

Most Artistic

Lauren DeStefano

If you don’t follow Lauren DeStefano on Instagram you really should. Not only is Lauren a talented writer, she’s also a skillful home decorator! I’m constantly impressed with the bookish and artful ways she’s accessorized her house.

lauren destefano ya author high school superlatives

Here are a few pics of her beautifully decorated house. Come help me next Lauren!

She created a chalk wall!

Bookish curtains, of course.

And a beautiful bookcase, for the win.

Cutest Couple

Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

I’m sure absolutely no one is surprised by this pick. These two authors are seriously the most adorable ever. Ransom has even blurbed Tahereh’s book – praising it to the heavens, obvs. I feel like they would have been the couple in high school everyone knew would stay together after graduation. It’s a forever love, ya’ll.

tahereh mafi ransom riggs ya authors high school superlatives

Most Unique Style

Stephanie Perkins

No sepia tone for this picture. Between her colorful hair and her super fun outfits, I think Stephanie wins this hands down. And like any good fashionista, she’s always changing it up. Oh you thought I had pink hair? NOPE. On to blue streaks.

stephanie perkins ya author high school superlatives

Best Friends

Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Nothing says besties for life like writing a book together! Jenny and Siobhan wrote the Burn for Burn series together and are so supportive of each other’s work. I think the photo says it – WOMAN POWER!

jenny han ya author high school superlatives_final.jpg

Best Smile

Sherman Alexie

Even though Sherman’s books often involve serious topics, they always add in a heavy dose of humor. With so many accomplishments, he’s got a reason to smile!

sherman alexie  young adult authors high school superlatives.jpg

Class Clown

John Geen

As I explained in my YA Lit pranks post, John Green is kind of the master of mischief. He’s the best type of troublemaker too because he’s not the cut-up class clown, he’s the devilishly smart one who can secretly rule the school.

john green young adult author high school superlatives.jpg

Life of the Party

Meg Cabot

Meg understands high school. She really does. Her books use a voice that is so authentic and real, and I think that gives her an inner youth that keeps her writing and successful. I bet Meg can turn up like the best of them. Look at that coy smile…

meg cabot young adult authors high school superlatives.jpg

Now You Get to Vote!

It’s your turn, now! Help vote on these superlatives to see how of your favorite authors stack up in this high school competition!

Vote on these:


Best Hair


Most Likely To Be President

Are there any other superlatives you’d like to nominate a YA author for??

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